10+ Greetings Ramadan 2022 For Your Heart That Is Still Waiting For A Decision From Him!

Life is not always beautiful, there are times when you are alone, you are sad, and you are happy.

But forget it all, because the holy month full of blessings has come. If you are currently sad and lost, maybe one of the words of Ramadan 2022 can cure you.

Especially for those of you who are indecisive about your relationship and don’t know what direction to go in the future?

Hopefully, by reading one of these quotes about the words of Ramadan 2022, you can heal your wounds from unrequited love.

Ramadan 2022 greetings for your one sided heart

ramadan greetings 2022

It’s okay to be sad, but don’t always carry it too late in everyday life, it can actually disturb your mentality, right?

At this time, let us draw closer to the divine, because it coincides also in the holy month, so that this body and soul can be healed from the pain of a broken heart.

Then what healing can you try in this holy month of Ramadan, maybe one of them saying Ramadan 2022 can heal wounds from a broken heart. Read this article until the end, yes.

Ramadan 2022 greetings for a broken heart

1. “Marhaban who is Ramadan, if the heart is as beautiful as the moon then decorate it with a smile, and don’t let the wound from it become a slap.”

2. “A drop of ink becomes a stain, but don’t let the wound continue to burn. The month full of blessings has arrived, let’s be diligent in worship to get closer to Him.”

3. “As gentle as the dew in the morning, how are you, who are still heartbroken. Let’s improve ourselves to keep your friendship in this holy month.”

4. “Life is sometimes beautiful when we can forgive each other. If you don’t hear from him, maybe you can wish him a happy Ramadan.”

5. “The stain of the heart that you hurt remains a painful speck of a thorn, but don’t worry, the thorn will gradually disappear with the arrival of this holy month. Marhaban Ramadan.”

Sayings of Ramadan 2022 for those of you who are strong in living this life

6. “In pain, there will be a test of patience. In a struggle, sincerity will emerge. May Allah always make it easy for us. Marhaban ya Ramadhan. Happy fasting worship.”

7. “There is an error in the joke, the pitiful entanglement in funny behavior and laughter. But know, life will go on, face all problems with a smile. Marhaban ya Ramadhan.”

8. “There are words stringing lies, there are acts of looking at wounds. Let us forgive each other to the sinner. Cool your heart and mind calmly, so your heart will love others more. Marhaban ya Ramadhan. Happy fasting.”

9. “People say, there is no word as beautiful as dhikr, there is no month as beautiful as Ramadan. For this reason, allow these two hands to kneel, forgiveness from you ra Rabb, and make my life full of blessings in this holy month.”

10. “When the sun makes dhikr, the wind glorifies, even the trees praise Your majesty. Then why does this heart not tremble at all when I hear Your beautiful name. Hopefully in this month of Ramadan I can be a servant who is closer to His Lord.”

11. “Ramadan dawn will soon approach the world, a piece of silk will erase the stains from the heart that has been degenerating over His destiny. Marhaban ya Ramadhan. Happy fasting.”

Final Words and Closing!

Well, those are the words of Ramadan 2022 for your heart that is still waiting for a decision from him, make this month a month to get closer to him.

Hopefully one of the sayings of Ramadan 2022 can be healing for those of you who are experiencing difficulties. Also make sure this holy month we avoid worldly nature that can invalidate fasting.

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong. That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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