10 Requirements for Registering PPG in the 2022 Position


In addition to being an indicator to measure the pedagogical competence and professionalism of educators, Education Teacher Profession (PPG) especially in positions are also very closely related to improving the welfare of teachers.

With the participation of teachers in PPG, they will automatically get an educator certificate to get additional incentive allowances whose value continues to increase according to the level of class and SK for the inclusion of educators.

To be able to participate in PPG in office, staff educator must meet the following requirements:

  • Has had the status and was appointed as a teacher as of December 31, 2015.
  • Has been declared registered in the official Dapodik data of the Ministry of Education and Culture at least since July 31, 2017.
  • Already have NUPTK (Can be filled in after passing the pretest)
  • Have a minimum qualification of S1 or at least DIV from a university whose study program has been accredited which is stated through the scanned results of the diploma.
  • Have academic qualifications in accordance with the educational program to be taken.
  • Active teaching starting from 2014 to 2018 which is stated by a teaching assignment decree from the school principal
  • Status as a teacher, whether civil servant, non-civil servant or honorary in a public school by attaching an official appointment decree from the head of the local area as well as from the Education Office as well as permanent teachers of the foundation
  • Have a maximum age of 58 years as of December 31, 2018.
  • Physically and mentally healthy and drug free
  • And, well-behaved

If all of the above requirements have been met, then the next process is to register via PPG’s official website for the 2022 position. Here are the steps:

  1. Open a browser and access the official page
  2. Fill in the user name and password that was previously registered, then select Login
  3. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register first by having the Register button
  4. When you successfully enter the home page, there will be an invitation notification as a candidate for PPG participant in the 2022 position.
  5. After that, click Next. In this menu, various submenu options will appear, such as: Academic Selection, Administration Selection, Confirmation of Willingness to Participate in PPG in position, Determination of participants and Self-Report.
  6. Still on the same menu, there will be information regarding the criteria for participants who are entitled to take part in PPG In Position, the elements of which are listed as follows:

PPG Participant Requirements in Position:

  • No or not yet have an educator certificate
  • Has the status of a teacher, both civil servants, civil servants, honorary and permanent teachers of the foundation.
  • SK Appointment as a teacher as of 2015
  • Have a minimum educational qualification standard of diploma 4 or S1
  1. If you consider the above criteria appropriate, then the next step is to click Register and then click the Register Now option
  2. Fill in the participant registration form which includes: PPG Mapel Level, Field of study, educational qualifications, year of graduation, type of study, faculty and name of origin college
  3. Upload all the required scanned files including the appointment decree
  4. When finished, click Register, then select Yes as a sign that the data you entered is correct
  5. Print or print PPG In-Position participant ID cards in 2022 as proof that you have registered.
  6. Wait for the graduation announcement

The graduation announcement process usually doesn’t take too long, so it’s a good idea to frequently visit the page, because there will be a notification specifically through your account.

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