10 Terms in Social Media Applications Most Often Used


The increasing variety of social media applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook create many new slang terms and are very popular in Indonesia, especially among teenagers.

With the increasing use of various social media applications, especially among young people, the terms used for the features on these platforms have also developed.

Many slang terms in application social media which eventually became a common term in the daily conversations of people using social media applications. Here are some of the most frequently used terms in social media applications:


VN is a voice-based messaging service that is quite in demand by users and become a new term in social media applications, because it seems simple and does not have to bother typing the message you want to convey to the recipient.

VN is short for voice note which in Indonesian means voice message. VN is one of the excellent features of the Whatsapp application that makes it easy for users to send messages in the form of voice.


Deliv is short for delivered which comes from English which means the message has been sent and is marked with a tick icon and is another term in social media applications. If the message sent still has one tick, it means that the recipient of the message is inactive or out of range.

Then, if the message is marked with two black ticks, it means the message has been sent but has not been opened or read by the recipient of the message. Meanwhile, two blue check marks mean the message has been received and read by the recipient of the message.


In the WhatsApp social media application there is a sign in the form of the words ‘available’ or means available or often also known as the status of the user who is online. Usually this available sign is under the name of the recipient of the message. This sign also indicates if the recipient of the message has Whatsapp service and can be sent a message.


In slang terms especially in social media application conversations, SW means Snap Whatsapp. This feature is a service to create or view someone’s status in the status menu. WhatsApp account owners can also hide their status so they can’t be seen by certain people by checking who can and cannot see the account owner’s status.


Another term in social media applications is P or short for Ping. This term was originally popularized by Blackberry and later by teenagers it is also used in the Whatsapp application. The letter P is usually used to open a conversation and make sure that the recipient of the message is active or not.


PM is short for Private Message or in Indonesian means private message. PM usually in social media applications is more directed to the interlocutor on social media such as Facebook to chat privately without having to be known by others.

PM is also commonly used in terms of buying and selling transactions involving prices or negotiations so that other people or competitors do not know the amount of the price offered.


The term PC or Personal Chat is very common in comments on social media applications. The concept tends to be the same as PM. However, if PM is more directed to the transaction process, while the PC is usually just for casual chat but privately without having to be known by the public.


VC is an acronym for Video Call or make a video call. This video call feature is an advantage of several social media platforms such as Whatsapp. With VC, both the recipient and the video caller can see directly the face and situation around the video call recipient and vice versa.


At first glance, the meaning of SW is indeed more similar to Snap Whatsapp. However, SW is an abbreviation taken from Indonesian or Whatsapp Status. Whatsapp Status is a service feature in the Whatsapp application to express the mood or emotions of the account owner who creates a status to share with friends in Whatsapp contacts.


OTW is an abbreviation of On The Way in Indonesian which means on the way. The term OTW is commonly used to further facilitate the process of typing messages if the sender of the message is heading to an agreed place.

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