17+ Habits of Indonesians from the Past are Unique


Habits of Indonesians – Have you ever imagined, there are things we do very often, but we rarely do it with people from other countries, even this is our own uniqueness.

Indonesian Habits

Let’s look at some of our habits in everyday life.

1. If you don’t have rice, you don’t eat the name

Usually when we eat something, like bread, pizza, brownies, in large quantities, we won’t be full, because we have to eat rice. That’s why many of us don’t eat rice, we’re not called food.

2. Eat With Your Hands

Many of us prefer to eat with our hands instead of using a spoon, but this habit is considered strange by others. Maybe they think that, “There’s a spoon, why use your hands”. After all, eating with your hands is also delicious, you know.

So that makes Indonesian people more comfortable, and enjoy eating with their hands.

3. Eat Crackers to Complete

When we eat, there’s no crackers, it feels like something’s missing, like something isn’t crunchy. Because we usually eat with crackers, so when we don’t have crackers, it’s not crowded.

4. Scrapings when sick

Have you ever had a cold? Well, maybe most of the habits of Indonesians don’t take medicine, but are scraped, but for some reason after being shaved, it’s better. Maybe this is the uniqueness of us, catch a cold, just scrape.

5. Eat Lesehan

Eating lesehan with friends, neighbors, or family is a habit for Indonesians that cannot be abandoned. Because indeed eating together especially lesehan is very delicious. In fact, it’s very rare you know from other countries like this.

6. Drink coffee before eating rice

I don’t know why so many Indonesians, especially gentlemen, drink coffee after waking up, even though they haven’t eaten rice. Hmm, but maybe they find it useful this time hehe.

7. Collecting Debt

It’s no longer a secret, when we are charged with debt, we can be even more vicious than the collector, when we borrow like a cat, when we are billed like a lion. Hehe, this habit must be removed, guys.

8. I really like not wearing a helmet

I often hear, when asked why don’t you wear a helmet? the reason is “there’s no police, they’re close too”. Well, even though wearing a helmet is not because of the presence or absence of the police. But indeed because of our need, to minimize accidents. Just imagine if you fall from the motorbike, at least the injuries we will get are not too bad.

For example, if you don’t wear a helmet, it’s definitely bad when you fall off your motorbike, whether it’s on your knees, forehead, arms, and other body parts. Well this is a habit we must leave.

9. Like something viral

For example, now that tiktokan is viral, many of us want to go viral like them, even though not everything that goes viral needs to be followed, it’s enough to know that it’s right. Moreover, until the challenges that are not clear like that.

It’s still better if the viral thing is something good, and useful for everyone.

10. Smoking where smoking is prohibited

Hehe, this is the funniest thing, even though it’s clear that there is a ban on smoking in this area, for example, in the school area, but there are still people who smoke. These people can’t read or what, it’s really hard to follow the rules.

11. No parking, eh, keep parking

This is the most annoying, plus funny, even though there is a rule that parking is prohibited here, you know, those who bring cars park there, just think like “the cook doesn’t know, it’s forbidden to park”. But if you tell me that, you will be scolded by the one who brought the car hehe.

12. Toilet Sit, Keep Squatting

That’s us, even though there is a toilet seat, but it’s better to choose to squat, because it’s a habit for Indonesians to have a bowel movement when you’re squatting. Let it go smoothly.

13. Riding a motorcycle gonjeng 4+

Now it’s a bit less, but in the past, geez, teenage girls, boys riding motorbikes without helmets, gonjeng 4 again. The jelana is above the knee, oh my, it’s really bad.

14. Doing homework at school

Even though homework is homework, it’s actually done at school, one of which I have done myself, but I regret it. Because you know it’s wrong. And it can’t be like that.

15. City People Go to Villages, and Village People to Cities

This is so unique, have you ever had a long vacation, when you were in the city you wanted to go to the village, but the village people wanted to go to the city. The reason is I just want to know the condition of cities and villages. And because of boredom, those who live in the village are late in the village, and those who are in the city are late in the city.

16. Pictures of landscapes in elementary school

SD scenery pictures

Surely almost all elementary school children if given a drawing assignment, yes the picture is a scene like the one above, it’s really unique. Even though no one is promoting the picture, but all Indonesian children can and have taken that picture.

17. Eat not eat, it’s important to gather

Here, people in the past, still gathered even though there was no food, so they still gathered together. Until now this has become our habit, even though there is no food, we get together!..

New Habits of 2021 from Indos

If the above is a habit of the Indonesian people from ancient times until now, but this time we will discuss the habits of the Indo today. Especially for young people in Indonesia.

1. Frequently Push Rank Game

The habits of today’s children, yes, push rank Mobile Legend to death, even if you don’t eat, the important thing is to push rank to Mytic. Hehe, this habit is even contagious to today’s children.

That’s not all, children today call each other according to trending language, for example “indo yes“, “citizen +62“, “Pure moron“, “people of the earth are you like this“. Hehe, it’s just the behavior of people today.

2. Making fun of each other between friends

It’s not a joke to fight, isn’t it, but just to make the atmosphere funnier, for example, if your friend is watching Anime, you just say “oh weaday!!!!“Then the next day, the one who made fun of this turned out to be watching Naruto too. “uh weaboo shouted weasel!“.. WKwkw that’s fine.

But this is what makes us unique, we know each other, greet each other, just imagine if it wasn’t like that, this friendship must have been dry. But remember not to overstep the limit to tease it, remember the limit.

But even though Indonesians have many “weird” and unique habits, Indonesians are still friendly, polite, and like to help and work together. Salute to you, and proud to be Indonesian.

Well, maybe those are some Indonesian habits that are said to be strange and unique, if it’s good, take it, if it’s bad, throw it away.


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