2 Advantages of Revo Uninstaller, Program Removal Application on PC


Some software is sometimes difficult or even impossible to remove with the default application that is already on the PC. Revo Uninstaller is the solution, application or software software This is effective for removing the software and all the files in it completely.

At first glance, how Revo Uninstaller works is exactly the same as Add or Remove Programs which is the default Windows software on a PC.

But the advantage, application Revo Uninstaller is guaranteed to be the most effective in removing all files and extensions of a program on your computer without the slightest residue on your PC.

Even programs that are difficult to remove, which are often found on PCs, can be easily removed with this software.

Amazingly, this application does not take too long to remove a program with a very short time remaining.

Various tools in the sophisticated Revo Uninstaller ensure that the process of removing a program is faster and more complete.

Cleaner Revo Uninstaller

This software is also claimed to be able to more cleanly remove a program from folders, files, extensions to key registers which are much different when compared to the default Windows application.

So we don’t have to worry, there are traces of files that are still left on the PC that are unreadable and become useless piles of garbage.

Forced Uninstall

The Forced Uninstall feature in this software is even capable of executing files or programs that often cannot be deleted using only the default program.

Because, files that are not completely deleted and are still stored on the desktop sometimes make the installation process of other programs disrupted or even program crashes occur.

As a program remover, this software guarantees a complete cleaning of a program that is removed.

Here are two functions that exist in Revo Uninstaller that other similar software does not have;

Advanced Scanning One or Few

Sometimes deleting a program’s format requires two separate processes which of course will take a long time.

With the Advance Scanning One or Few feature on Revo Uninstaller, the formatting removal process can be done at once without having to do it separately.

This process, of course, provides a lot of convenience and a shorter removal time for a program that similar software does not have.

Real Time Monitor

This software has a Real Time Monitor feature. Its function is to detect residual or residual files or folders that still exist or even hidden files in programs that have been deleted.

This feature will automatically work when the program removal process is carried out. Real Time Monitor will trace files that are still left or not completely deleted and then delete them entirely.

To be able to use Revo Uninstaller, it is enough to download the software that matches the OS of the computer device.

The Revo Uninstaller storage method can be done on a Flashdisk or directly installed on the device.

In the main view of Revo Uninstaller there is a selection of features at the top and bottom of the program.

After that, select the program to be removed and then click uninstall. Before the program is uninstalled, this software will make sure if the program is removed, select yes.

There will be four uninstall options offered; Built-in, Safe Mode, Moderate and Advanced. For a more optimal removal process, it is recommended to choose Advanced.

After selecting Advanced, a file will appear that must be checked in its entirety then click delete and wait for it to finish.

When the deletion is complete, double check to see if there are any files or folders left behind. If still, check all folders and files then click delete.

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