2 Easy Ways to Replace Lost OVO Numbers

OVO is one of the most widely used digital wallets today. The reason is because platform It provides ease of transaction only by using a mobile number WL. So what if the number is lost? The following will explain how to easily replace a lost OVO number and what you need to pay close attention to are the requirements that must be completed beforehand.

Setting Up Your Identity

Different from replacing OVO as usual, here there are requirements that must be prepared. When you want login on other devices and the number used to register OVO is lost, of course it cannot receive OTP. Even though the code was sent via short message. For this reason, prepare a photo of yourself with an e-KTP, and fulfill the following requirements:

1. e-KTP must be original

The first requirement as a way to replace the lost OVO number is to take a photo together with personal data, namely e-KTP. The Electronic Identity Card used must be the original. Cards that have been photocopied are not allowed because the results will not be clear later. Don’t also use the e-KTP which is the result print. Moreover, the card is an edit.

2. Must Be Visible

The next requirement when you want to take a picture of yourself with your e-KTP is that the photo must be clearly visible. Especially on the face. The user must not cover his face with a mask or obstructing cloth. Also, don’t wear sunglasses as they can be a hindrance too. Then, try not to cut off the face.

3. Photo Not Blur

The next requirement as a way to replace the lost OVO number should not be underestimated either. Photos taken with e-KTP must not be blurry. Because it can make the image not seen clearly. So, when you have trouble taking photos yourself, you can ask someone else for help. Or if not, use it smartphone which has a camera with decent specifications.

4. The Image Must Be Bright

To make a clear picture, take it in a place with sufficient light. Because later the photo must be bright and really visible on the face and e-KTP. Avoid shooting in dark locations. If taking it at night, then help by using additional light. Like lights or other tools.

5. The face matches the one on the e-KTP

This last condition is certainly important. The user who wants to change the OVO number must be the same as the original owner. Do not let the identity card in the form of an e-KTP and the picture taken be different. The user who is photographed with the identity card must match the face shown on the e-KTP.

Contact Call Center OVO

Actually replace number WL in OVO can be in the menu profiles. But it can be done if the new number is still active and can receive short messages containing the OTP code. And when the card is lost, then you can do how to replace the lost OVO number by fulfilling the requirements above.

After the conditions are met, contact call center owned by OVO, which is 1500 696. OVO will provide 24-hour service from Monday to Sunday. Submit complaints and assistance that you want to get. State that you want to make changes to the phone number data used for OVO. Do not forget submit Self-portrait with e-KTP.

This is an explanation of how to easily replace a lost OVO number. What is needed here is to meet the requirements first. Users must take pictures by holding an identity card in the form of an e-KTP. Then you can express complaints and ask for help by contacting call center belongs to OVO.

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