2 Months Old Baby and The Abilities It Can Do


Babies aged 2 months in general already have many abilities. Starting from organizing every organ of his body, the ability to see and hear. However, parents don’t need to worry or worry if the baby did not have any abilities at that age.

In addition, babies aged 2 months have also started to move their bodies to learn on their stomach even though they look not perfect or often fail, but mothers don’t worry because babies aged 2 months are starting to adapt, especially in their limbs.

Babies aged 2 months will also generally start to look study raised his head little by little. Mothers can do a stimulus such as clapping a small hand in front of the baby to see the auditory and visual response.

Babies aged 2 months are generally able to coordinate several organs of the body, especially in building movements, including the eyes and hands. Babies aged 2 months will also start trying to reach for what is around him such as toys, blankets and others.

Some babies will even look active, like reaching for objects such as toys and trying to put them in their mouths.

In the phase of a 2-month-old baby, mothers are expected to supervise dangerous objects around the baby so they are not swallowed, also provide friendly toys for babies aged 3 months which are cleaned first with warm water to prevent germs and bacteria from getting into the baby. in the baby’s mouth.

Factors Supporting the Ability of 2 Months Old Babies

As is known, a healthy baby’s organs will continue to experience development from the milk intake he gets. However, mothers do not need to worry if at an early age or a baby aged 2 months, the baby does not yet have any abilities.

Some babies who are still 2 months old are generally still trying to adapt to the environment around them or even sleep more, this is very natural because the outside conditions are very different when they are still in the mother’s womb.

Many parents are too demanding of their babies to start having new developments every month. And, feel worried if in a few months the baby can’t do anything, for example a 2 month baby can’t tilt.

Mothers don’t need to worry if they face something like this, because this is very normal as long as the baby is in good health because baby development cannot be compared to other babies.

However, mothers can provide stimulation, especially in the baby’s motor movements, including learning to tilt and stomach.

In a healthy baby, there will be a lot of progress in the development of babies aged 1-2 months, starting from the ability to move their organs, to coordinate their body parts and movements with each other.

In addition, the baby’s fingers have also begun to move perfectly, such as reaching for something around them until they start grasping.

Likewise in movement, the baby has also started to be active, including being able to smile and move his body.

Characteristics of Smart Babies Age 2 Months

One indicator that shows if the baby is intelligent at the age of 2 months is the baby’s ability to move his lips like a smile. Some babies will even react immediately such as smiling when their mother or someone else invites them to play.

The rapid response that the baby gives to what he sees around him when he is only two months old shows that the baby is active and healthy.

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