2 Practical Ways to Check XL Cards


Not a few users XL card who are still confused about how to check the XL card they use. Sometimes, even more XL card users who forgot the card number or even the validity period of the XL card itself.

Generally, each mobile phone card operator is equipped with a unique number as the identity of the number user of the card, including the XL card.

However, because of the ease of access to have the mobile number, it is not uncommon for many people to not remember or even not know their mobile number.

It is very natural if there are many people who do not remember or forget their own personal number. The reason is, the cell phone number itself consists of twelve numbers that have been provided by the cellular operator.

Likewise with XL cards, the combination of twelve numbers is very difficult for some people to remember, so when needed, XL card users must check their XL cards through the services of the XL card.

The use of a mobile number is very important for work needs, operating a business to shopping online in the marketplace. Therefore, in addition to the ability to remember your mobile number, you can also take advantage of the service feature to check your XL card so you don’t give the wrong number.

XL card users have many purposes when they want to know their personal number, so they have to check the XL card. For example, for promotion needs, business, or to be given to relatives and business partners.

In overcoming this problem, XL as a cellular operator saw the problem and immediately made various ways to make it easier for people to remember or even only know the mobile number used.

XL itself is a product issued by PT XL Axiata Tbk. XL is one of the companies engaged in the cellular telecommunications operator industry in Indonesia. This company was introduced to the public on October 8, 1996. This company is also the third private company that provides GSM cellular telephone services in Indonesia.

In addition to prepaid XL product services which are the most widely used by the public, XL also has four types of GSM products, namely AXIS, LIVE.On, XL Prioritas or postpaid to XL Prepaid which are very commonly used by the public. Not only that, XL also provides corporate services called Internet Service Providers or ISPs and VoIP.

How to Check XL Card

To make it easier for users when they want to check XL cards, the provider provides several options, such as the following:

How to Check XL Card Via Direct Call or Dial Up

The way to check XL numbers by dial up is arguably the easiest and simplest way, this is because through dial up or USSD it only takes a few steps.

The following is how to check your XL number that you need to know, namely:

  1. Open the application on the phone.
  2. Enter the USSD code *123#
  3. Enter the code with the number 7.
  4. Select the Call button or call using the XL number.
  5. Enter a number in several options that indicate your XL Number Details.
  6. Enter a selection from several Check Profile & Check Service options.
  7. Enter the option in the menu that shows my XL Card Info.
  8. The XL number can be seen on the screen.

How to Check XL Card Through the MyXL Official Application

XL as one of the largest cellular operators in Indonesia also provides applications that can be downloaded by its users through the Google Play Store.

  1. Download the myXL application on the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the myXL app on your smartphone.
  3. Log in to myXL account.
  4. You can find your XL cellphone number on the main page of the myXL application.


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