2 Safe Ways to Carry Babies for Bone Growth


Having a baby is indeed a joy in itself for married couples and families. So, don’t be surprised if you always want to hold a cute and adorable baby.

Although there are some families who maintain the intensity of the baby so that they are not always carried because they are worried that the baby will always ask to be carried or known as ‘handling’, the activity of holding a baby is still one of the happiest activities.

However, carrying a baby still has to be done carefully, especially for baby newborns, because their bones are still relatively fragile so it is very risky if carrying a baby is done the wrong way.

Basically, holding a baby is done to build a sense of comfort and calm the baby in a warm embrace, including when they want to provide breast milk for the baby.

In addition, holding a baby also aims to build bond between baby and mother. As for the baby’s development, holding him will also be very effective to train the baby’s muscles to be stronger.

The wrong way of holding will have a direct negative impact on the growth and development of the baby, especially for newborns who are vulnerable to being exposed to the risk of Hip Dysplasia or a condition where the art of the baby’s hips is in an imperfect position and the hip bone does not cover the groin properly. perfect.

This of course will make the baby feel uncomfortable because of pain or even in the long term there will be abnormalities in the bones of the baby’s legs and hips.

How to hold a baby so that the bones remain safe and feel comfortable when being carried, are as follows:

Keeping the Head, Neck and Spine Supported

The head and neck are the most crucial organs of the baby’s body, therefore, before carrying, make sure they are resting securely and comfortably for the baby. Likewise, the position of carrying on the spine must also be able to make the baby feel comfortable.

Avoid holding the baby in a supine position because it will disrupt the baby’s respiratory circulation and do not make the baby’s tailbone as a support for his body.

Keeping Baby Feel Comfortable

Before holding, the mother must bring her body closer to the baby, then make sure one of the mother’s hands has first reached the head and back of the baby to keep the baby safe, then the other hand holds or holds the baby’s hips so that the baby feels comfortable.

Carrying the baby directly for a long time will certainly quickly tire the mother, this is certainly very dangerous for the baby who is very likely to fall while being carried because the mother’s hands are numb or tired, especially if the baby has a heavy weight.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if the mother uses an appropriate baby carrier in addition to making the mother not feel tired quickly, the baby carrier is also able to build comfort and a sense of security for the baby.

Make sure to choose a baby carrier or sling that is quality and has the durability to support the baby’s body, which is strong and made of safe and effective materials to make the baby feel comfortable.

Currently, many baby carriers are made to help ease the burden on mothers when carrying babies, either when they want to give breast milk or to calm the baby.

In addition, the baby carrier is also effective for use when the mother and baby are active outside the room such as traveling or other activities that require the baby to be carried.


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