2-Step Verification Required For Google Account


Google some time ago sent a notification message to its users en masse via Gmail, the message was “It is mandatory to enable 2-step verification for Google users starting from October 26, 2021.

With this change, Google notifies that enabling 2-step verification includes a process for securing accounts, so they are not misused.

Why Do You Need 2-Step Account Verification?

If you are wondering why do you need 2-step verification?, yes, of course, for security reasons.

Have you ever seen cases of other people’s social media accounts being hacked, or bugged? Well that’s because the account is not secure, maybe because it uses an easy password, also because it doesn’t do 2-step verification.

This 2-step verification will help us so that our account is not easily taken by other people, for example someone knows our account password, when they want to be hacked they cannot login directly, because they need to enter the OTP code from this 2-step verification.

Meanwhile, the code will be sent according to the registered number, namely our respective numbers. So when a code enters our number, even though there is no login attempt, it can be a message to immediately change the password to make it even more secure.

Well, that’s a little explanation about the importance of activating 2-step account verification so that your Google account, or your social media is safely under control.

Hope it is useful.


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