2 Types of Food Packing for Business Promotion and Product Hygiene


Food packaging is one of the important things in a culinary business, because apart from ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the food in it, it can also be used as a very effective promotional medium.

Currently, in the market, especially the culinary industry, packaging food become an integral part of the promotion and branding of food products in the packaging because it is able to boost sale.

Getting to Know Food Packing

If initially food packaging only used ordinary plastic bags, now food product packaging is made in such a way that it looks more modern and modern with various shapes to attract potential buyers.

In addition, food packaging is also a guarantee for consumers that the food products contained in the packaging are safe for consumption because they are protected from dust, air and even bacteria that cause various types of diseases.

Definition of Food Packing

In general, food packaging itself has the meaning of a special packaging used to wrap food products ranging from processed foods, ready-to-eat foods to food ingredients.

Food packaging can also be interpreted as a culinary product packaging process to make it look neater, cleaner and more practical as well as to protect the food in it.

Benefits of Food Packing

As already mentioned, food packaging specifically has the benefit of protecting the food in it, but lately food packaging has also been made and designed as attractively as possible as a means of promotion as well as building a product image in the eyes of consumers to make it look different, contemporary and of course guarantee the food. what is inside is kept clean.

Even in some types of food products, food packaging is also effective in boosting sales of culinary products in the packaging, that’s why food wrappers are made as attractive as possible with designs that follow trends according to the times to make them look more contemporary.

Types of Food Packing

There are many types of food packaging that can be found in the market, especially the variety of shapes, types and materials for making food packaging. The types of materials used to make food packaging also consist of various types, namely: paper materials, plastic materials to food packaging materials made of cardboard, the following is an explanation of each:

Paper Food Packing

Food packaging made of paper also consists of several types such as cardboard, oil paper and other types of paper suitable for food packaging needs.

Food wraps made of paper are generally used to package foods that tend to be dry or it can be for slightly wet types of food, but the food packaging is given an additional layer of plastic inside to anticipate if the food will damage the packaging of the food wrapper.

Paper food packaging can also be used as a means of promotion, either through the screen printing process or simply by installing stickers starting with the product brand and information, benefits and nutritional content in the product.

Food Packing from Plastic Material

Food packaging made of plastic is the most widely used packaging because it is stronger, more practical and resistant to various types of food, including even wet types of food because it will not damage the food packaging.

Another advantage of plastic food packaging is that it can adjust the shape of the food product, besides that plastic food packaging can also be used as the most effective promotional tool through a plastic screen printing process or regular sticker installation in order to increase sales of food products.


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