2 Types of Terms and How to Register for Shopee Food


Shopee Food is increasingly in demand by culinary entrepreneurs, this is evident from the many who list shopee food, so that they can get lots of orders from applications developed specifically by marketplaces that are already well-known, namely: shopee.

What’s more, now it is increasingly reaching various regions in Indonesia. Many food and beverage entrepreneurs later joined by registering as a merchant at shopee food because of the many advantages offered by application culinary sale.

As is known shopee food is one of the online food and beverage marketing platforms that is on the rise and is almost parallel to Go Food and Grab Food. As a pilot application, the big name shopee as the parent of this shopee food service is no longer in doubt.

Moreover, so far, the shopee marketplace is widely known in all regions in Indonesia and is the largest online market in Indonesia to Asia.

This food ordering and delivery service is also considered effective in terms of helping small and micro-scale entrepreneurs engaged in the culinary field in terms of facilitating service.

In fact, entrepreneurs who only open a home-based culinary business can easily join this service application in the culinary field, because its reach is not only limited to merchants and large restaurants.

Shopee Food services are wide open for culinary businessmen who want to sell their business to the wider community. This application-based culinary sales service will also make it easier for consumers to get food and beverage products from your business quickly.

To register your food or beverage business with this shopee-owned service is not complicated. In fact, it is fairly easy with a fairly fast registration process and light conditions.

Before registering for Shopee Food, there are several requirements that must be prepared in advance. For individual business owners as well as businesses that have been legally registered, below are the requirements that you must fulfill:‍

Shopee Food registration requirements for individuals

  • Identity card in the form of KTP or KITAS
  • NPWP
  • SPPKP (Letter of Confirmation of Taxable Entrepreneur)
  • Personal passbook photo

Shopee Food registration requirements for businesses

  • Identity card in the form of KTP or KITAS
  • NPWP
  • SIUP or TDUP
  • TDP or NB
  • Deed of business establishment
  • Certificate of domicile
  • Active passbook photo

How to Register Shopee Food for Merchants

After you have prepared all the requirements above, the next step is to register with Shopee Food. For the steps, see below:

  1. Fill in the Shopee Food registration form
  2. Fill in your email address and mobile number
  3. Next, a question about ShopeePay will appear. If you are already registered with ShopeePay, then you can click Yes. However, if you are not connected with ShopeePay, just click the No option. Then, you can go directly to the next option.
  4. Fill in the detailed location information and business address
  5. Fill in personal information and type of business
  6. Fill in the business category section
  7. Fill in the business form
  8. Upload a photo of the outlet
  9. Confirm registration

Those are the steps and how to register Shopee Food for food merchants who want to expand their product sales. Register your business and get more profit through this online delivery platform.

If your culinary business has been registered with Shopee Food or on other food delivery platforms such as Go Food, you can use the order manager application from Hubster which can manage all orders in just one system.

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