2 Ways to Change Study Quota into Internet Quota Without Application


When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out some time ago, the Ministry of Education and Culture and all providers provided special quotas for students or known as study quota. However, not a few students want to change their study quota to internet quota.

This is because there are several sources of subject matter that cannot be accessed access with a study quota so that it slightly hinders students from finding the subject references they need, therefore many students are trying to change their study quota into an internet quota.

In principle, changing the study quota to an ordinary internet quota is actually not a difficult matter, it’s just that being able to change a study quota into an internet quota does require a few special tricks.

There are several ways to be able to change the learning quota into internet quota, this method is intended so that if we have an unused study quota (education quota), we can still use the remaining quota.

Moreover, many users out there complain that there is still a lot of study quota remaining, no wonder because basically the learning quota application can only access online learning applications, cannot stream Youtube, Social Media, or browse.

The Mechanism of Changing Learning Quota into Internet Quota

Not only the learning quota from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Ministry of Education and Culture), but the study quota that you buy yourself directly to cellular operators such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL/Axis and Tri can also be converted into the main quota.

However, the Government itself has officially stated that the distribution of free data quota assistance in the form of learning quotas from the Ministry of Education and Culture has ended for this year, but the potential for free quota assistance next year is still open considering that currently the majority of schools or campuses still apply online learning.

How to Change Learning Quota to Main Quota

It should be understood, if you want to apply this tutorial, try to keep the remaining internet quota on your cellphone, there is only a study quota (to avoid the main quota being used)

Unless the main quota you have is only a little, this doesn’t matter, it’s even better because usually the possibility of this trick succeeds that there must be a main quota (for bait) at the beginning so the trick can work.

If successful and connected and able to surf the internet, don’t forget to check periodically and make sure the quota used is the learning quota (check to open Youtube or Instagram or other applications other than applications that are supported by learning quotas such as Whatsapp, online learning platform applications starting from Google Classroom, Udemy, Zenius, and others.

Converting Study Quota to Internet Quota with Google Drive

This method can be done as follows:

  • Prepare a google drive account and a Google Drive account link that will be used
  • Access the link by using your study quota.
  • You can stream or download files.
  • After the experiment, check your study quota whether it is reduced or not at all
  • If less, continue streaming or download what you want through access from Google Drive with your study quota.

Converting Learning Quota to Internet Quota with Whatsapp

Here are the steps you have to do:

  • Send the link of the video that you want to watch either from Youtube or from other social media to one of your WhatsApp contacts.
  • Make sure that the video thumbnail actually appears, then send the video link. So, you can immediately watch the video you want by clicking the link directly. You can enjoy videos from Youtube and Instagram for free from your study quota.

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