2 Ways to Change Telkomsel Learning Quota to Telkomsel Internet Quota


During the pandemic, many providers provided quota assistance, including Telkomsel’s study quota, which was one of the providers that provided special learning quota assistance to card users. telkomsel.

In addition, the government through the Ministry of Education and Culture in cooperation with all provider SIM cards participate in providing and distributing education quota assistance which is combined with internet quota from each provider for free or at an affordable price.

However, in reality, many users, especially students, want to switch the Telkomsel study quota to the main quota. This is because they have limited access to the subject matter they want to find.

Therefore, many are trying to find a way to change the Telkomsel study quota to the main quota, either without an application or through the help of a special application.

Changing Telkomsel’s learning quota is basically legal as long as it is still used for the benefit of the learning process and to support the online teaching and learning process. Moreover, this internet quota assistance is quite large, adjusted based on the level of education undertaken.

Moreover, at this time there are also many ways to change Telkomsel’s study quota into internet quota that can be accessed by anyone, including students.

Changing Telkomsel Study Quota Without Application

In general, changing the Telkomsel study quota to the main quota without an application is rather difficult, because the process still requires the help of an application as a third party.

Even to be able to access the internet in general using the Telkomsel study quota, you still need applications such as Google Drive or the Whatsapp application to copy site links or to access videos on Youtube.

Changing Telkomsel’s Learning Quota with Application Assistance

There are at least two applications that can be used to convert Telkomsel’s learning quota into the main quota, namely by using the Anonytune application and HTTP Injector, the following is an explanation:

How to Change Telkomsel Learning Quota to Main Quota through Anonytune Application

To be able to use this Anonytune application, you must first download this application, here are the steps:

– First download and install the Anonytuen application via Google Playstore.

– Click Stealth Settings.

– Next, set the menu in Stealth Settings by setting ((1) Enable Stealth Settings On/Off (2)Connection protocol select SSL (3) Connection Port contents 443 (4) Activate Adavnced SSL Settings)

– Then click Edit SSL Settings.

– Click Ok then set on this menu with settings ((1) cellist Spoof SNI Host )2) Spoof Host: Port (3) Spoof Host content: or (usual study quota) and , (learning quota from the Ministry of Education and Culture (4) Spoof Port fill with 443)

– Click Save to save.

– Click Connect to connect so that it can be used as the main internet quota.

– Make sure the words Connected appear so that you can actually connect.

– If successful, you can change your study quota to Telkomsel internet quota.

How to Change Telkomsel Learning Quota to Main Quota via HTTP Injector Application

The second way to change the learning quota from Telkomsel to the main quota is to use the HTTP Injector application, here’s how:

– First download and install the HTTP Injector application on your phone.

– Then open the already installed application.

– Click Import Config.

– Then click Start or Start.

– Wait until the process is completely connected or Connected.

– Make sure the words Connected appear to be able to connect and be used as Telkomsel’s main internet quota.


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