2 Ways to Change WhatsApp Color Without an Application, Easy

The design and appearance of the application does come from the release or developer, but some owners may not like it. What’s more for apps chat which is often opened like WhatsApp which will make you bored and bored quickly. However, now there is no need to worry because it turns out that there is a way to change the color of WhatsApp without an application and of course the easiest.

These changes include things like the theme, chat backgrounds, modes, and more provided by WhatsApp. Not only that, replacement background is also provided and users can choose according to their respective wishes. More curious right? Immediately, let’s make sure to follow the explanation below to find out how to change the color of WhatsApp without an application, namely:

Switch To Use GB WhatsApp To Change Theme

Actually there are several themes on the app WhatsApp normal, but often does not satisfy users. For users who want unique themes such as Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and so on, they can switch to using GB WhatsApp. When using this application, the user does not need to add other applications. Follow how to change whatsapp color without an application as follows:

  • Download the GB WhatsApp application which is present on Google and can be searched by related keywords. Usually only presented by third parties, so you must be able to choose a safe and reliable source.
  • Download the application and don’t forget to understand the terms and conditions. When downloading an app via Google, it’s usually in the folder download and may need toinstall first.
  • Then enter GB WhatsApp by filling in the same number as used on regular WhatsApp.
  • Look for settings menu or settings which is symbolized by three dots.
  • Select the top menu, namely Fouad Mods and continue by selecting FM Themes.
  • After that, click option Download FM Themes and will appear various themes that can be used.
  • Select a theme, then click install first, wait for the process, and it’s done.
  • When there is a notification for permission to change the theme or not, then click apply.
  • Wait a few moments and return to the main page, then the theme has been replaced.

Changing Display Color To Dark

The next recommendation for how to change WhatsApp color without an application is for WhatsApp users regular or normal. In this explanation, only one feature is provided so that users cannot choose according to their wishes. However, it is good enough to keep users from feeling bored. No need to delay any longer and just follow the steps below:

  • Visit the settings menu which has a three dot symbol in the upper right corner.
  • A profile display will appear with various menus, select Chats to change the conversation design view manually.
  • In section Theme which is at the top of the list, switch to Dark or dark. There is no need to be surprised or worried, because this feature can be returned and selected according to the convenience of the user.
  • When you want to replace background chatthen select Wallpapers which is below Themes.
  • After that, click change and select the desired photo. Adjust brightness background chat and click ok for the last step.
  • The step is complete, if you want to change the theme or chat backgrounds then you can follow these steps.

Well, that’s how to change WhatsApp color without an application that can be customized as you wish or do custom alone. Please also note that after replacing by following this method, it may be difficult to return to the original design. However, don’t worry because WhatsApp also provides various alternative options specifically for its users.

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