2 Ways to Change WhatsApp Ringtones with Google Voice, Easy


Have you ever heard a female voice with a flat tone that is usually found when surfing on Google? How about using it as ringtone for WA applications? The following will describe how to replace WhatsApp ringtone with Google voice. So that when there are messages and incoming calls, it becomes more interesting.

Accessing the Sound of Text Site

To be able to use ringtone with that distinctive voice, you can go through the Sound of Text site. Users must specify a ringtone first before being able to use it as a ringtone for WhatsApp application notifications. Here are the steps to make ringtone the:

1. Go to Sound of Text Site

The first way to change the WhatsApp ringtone with Google sound is to open it first browser whatever is on the smartphone. You can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Then next, in the column to perform a search, type the address of the Sound of Text. Users can write in the column. After that, press Enter to enter the site.

2. Enter Text

The next step to be able to create ringtone in the form of Google voice which determines the sentence to be spoken. Users are free to write any text they want. Write the words in the box Text. If so, go to the menu Voice to specify the language you want to use. Then just press Submit.

3. Download Ringtones Already Made

Furthermore, the site will convert the written text into a ringtone with mp3 format. If it has been changed, download it immediately by clicking the button Download that is on the screen. Wait until the download process is complete. Later, the file will automatically be saved in the folder in the storage.

4. Change Ringtones on WhatsApp

If the file has been successfully downloaded, then proceed to the next method of replacing WhatsApp ringtone with Google sound. The step is to enter the File Manager application. On internal storage, look for a folder with the name Notifications. If you can’t find it, create a new folder with the same name.

Next, look for the folder that is used to store the sound file, usually in Downloads. Then move on filesit to the folder that was created. After that go to the WhatsApp application. Open the Settings menu and look for the Notifications feature. Just select the ringtone that has been added.

Replace Ringtones in local language

One of the shortcomings of the Sound of Text site is the unavailability of regional languages, such as Javanese and Sundanese. But don’t worry. Users can make it more interesting by using the Voice of Text site. To set it, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Voice of Text Site

Different from before, the Voice of Text site provides a feature to create ringtones with Google voices in regional languages. Access the site by writing the address at browsers. Once in the new view, select the menu between Google Java Voice or Google Sundanese Voice.

2. Enter Text

Just as already explained, how to replace the WhatsApp ringtone with Google voice is that the user must type the sentence he wants to say. Write the text in Javanese or Sundanese, as desired in the column shown. When finished, click the button Convert to Voice to carry out the conversion process.

3. Download Ringtones Already Made

If the conversion process is complete, users can directly download it. The trick is to click on the icon Downloads. If it’s not there, just press the button Play which appears on the audio side. Then select menu Download and wait for it to finish. After that, you can change the ringtone on WhatsApp according to the steps that have been described.

That’s an explanation of how to replace WhatsApp ringtones with Google voices through the Sound of Text site. But if you want to use Javanese or Sundanese, you can use the Voice of Text site. Next do the settings and get a unique notification with the distinctive sound.

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