2 Ways to Create a PDF Online Signature


Currently the use of digital documents including PDF online signatures has become commonplace. In addition, digital pdf documents also have the same legality value as the original documents.

It’s easy to apply a pdf online signature with the help of various application and programs, make the need for signatures directly digital now have to adjust the use of digital documents. Documents with pdf extensions can now be signed quickly and easily.

An online pdf signature can be created in the same way. However, some people still struggle when asked to provide a pdf online signature on digital documents that have important value.

Along with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic some time ago, physical meeting activities were limited, including the work process being carried out at home or working from home. Now, direct and digital pdf online signatures are also increasingly needed, so that they are better able to support work activities and other activities that require pdf online signatures.

How to Sign PDF Online

Currently, to meet the need for online pdf signatures and other file extensions, various websites have provided features to do pdf online signatures for free and very easily. You just need to upload the document you want to sign via the following website:

Create a PDF Online signature via I Love PDF

  • Visit the page: in a browser
  • Upload the document you want to add a signature to by clicking the Select PDF file button
  • Then select Only me
  • After uploading the document file, a pop-up page will appear containing two options regarding the signature. The first option is only me to sign privately. And the second option is request signatures to invite other people to sign. If you want to create a personal signature select Only me.
  • Next you will be asked to create a signature that you want to add to the document.
  • There are several ways to create the signature.
  • Text to create a signature with writing format. Draw to sign directly. Upload to upload a signature in the form of an image.
  • Then, click apply in the lower right corner to complete the signature.
  • After the signature is entered, the next step is to click sign. Your signature has been successfully added and the document can be downloaded again.

Creating PDF Online Signatures in Sejda

  • Access the page
  • Upload the PDF document you want to add a signature to
  • Click Sign and select New Signature

After uploading it, the PDF document will open automatically on the Sejda page. Then add a signature by clicking the sign button at the top of the document. Next select the new signature to make a signature directly.

The next step is to create a signature that will be inserted into the document. A special page will appear where you can create a signature. There are several options that you can use to create a signature.

  • Select Type if you want to create a signature in writing directly or select Image to create a signature directly or upload it via a signature image that you have taken. Then, Upload Image to upload a signature in the form of an image, Camera to take a photo of your signature.
  • After the signature is finished, click ‘Save’ at the bottom.
  • Next, your signature automatically attaches to the cursor. You just simply point at the place you want to sign to set its position and size.
  • Once the signature has been successfully entered, click ‘Apply changes’ at the bottom of the page. After that, you will move to the next page to download the signed document.


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