2 Ways to Promote Food on Instagram, Guaranteed Effective!


Promoting on social media nowadays is considered the easiest and quickest step so that the product sells quickly. One of the products that get quite a lot of customers from promotions on Instagram is a culinary or food business. Therefore, now many culinary entrepreneurs are looking for ways to promote food on Instagram, so it can be interesting to try.

However, this must also be considered and have a careful strategic planning to match the market objectives and stand out from competitors’ products. Also be aware of trivial things that happen such as comments or branding owned food products. Immediately, let’s see what are the ways to promote food on Instagram through the explanation below:

Promoting Product Accounts

The first technique in carrying out food promotion methods on Instagram is to do promotions on personal accounts brand own product. This method is quite efficient and effective because there may be many Instagram users who want to add information about the product. There are several techniques that can be done, such as:

  • First of course determine brand or brand that matches the product. Actually this can also be an identity and a way branding initial made in the product.
  • Make sure to create a product account that you can easily identify and remember. Reduce the use of letters that are double or difficult to read at a glance.
  • Have a special design so that it looks attractive and easy for visitors to find.
  • Post products and do promotions in the near future, but don’t let it be considered spam. This is intended so that the account is read actively by visitors.
  • After that, choose a clear product image and it is recommended that it be shown from various sides. It’s better if the product photos are large and don’t need to bezoom when viewed.
  • Write caption or additional information, so that visitors will be more interested in trying it. Caption which is written must contain several things such as a description of the taste, price, and the role of the hashtag is also needed.
  • Not only uploaded product photos, but also videos or proof of orders from various customers. In addition, if the food being sold can only be ordered online on line then you have to be extra in your social media activities.
  • Then, also provide discounts or rebates for certain days to encourage them to buy.
  • Do the food promotion method on Instagram on the account repeatedly and on a scheduled basis.

Utilize Services Influencers To Promote Products

The second technique that is quite popular with culinary business owners is to use the services of a culinary business owner influencer to advertise their products. This method is the easiest, but business owners have to spend more money to pay for services influencers. However, this method is also very efficient to increase visits. See how, let’s see the explanation below:

  • The first thing to do, of course, is to choose influencer suitable and appropriate. Verify history influencer as well as how to advertise products to the past case that happened to him.
  • After knowing who will be chosen to advertise the product, then do it contact. Ask a few things such as service fees, time keep content, product delivery, and other terms.
  • When the business owner and influencer already agree then wait until the content is posted.
  • The best way is to do reupload or re-upload to increase consumer confidence.
  • It would be better if you use more than one service influencealthough this is not mandatory.

Those are some of the techniques promotion food on Instagram that entrepreneurs can make. Every business certainly has the right to promote its food business products, plus social media is a public domain for everyone. That’s all for this explanation about how to promote culinary on Instagram social media and hopefully it can be useful.

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