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3 Advantages of Google Meet and How to Change the Username

Technology development carried out by Google includes electronic mail and online software and application products to support performance such as Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Maps to Google Meet.

And it was proven that during the pandemic due to Covid-19 some time ago, many applications were made by google felt very helpful office tasks that must be done at home. This includes students who have to study online at home.

Actually google meet which was released in 2017 is a service communication a video that was prepared from the start to replace Google Hangouts, which did not receive much response from the public.

There are a number of advantages in using this application for work or study purposes, namely;


This service can be downloaded for free through a computer or laptop browser or through the Playstore on an Android phone.

High Definition (HD)

Google pinned video resolution high definition (HD) which will make the video display clearer which will not interfere with the meeting process, especially when presenting important presentation materials.


Users will also be more secure when using Google Meet because this application is security encrypted. Thus, secret meetings cannot be penetrated by outsiders.

Weaknesses of Google Meet

Apart from these advantages, this application also has a number of disadvantages that should also be a concern for users;

Waste of Quota

When accessing this application, you also have to be prepared for your data quota to be sucked in when using this application. This is natural, considering that this application fully utilizes video so it will eat a lot of data. So, make sure before holding a meeting via Google Meet, your quota is adequate or take advantage of the wifi facility so that your connection doesn’t drop while the meeting is in progress.

Stable Access

Make sure when using Google Meet, you are on a stable internet network. If not, you will have difficulty following the meeting, because the video will look disjointed, including affecting the quality of the sound produced.

Not everything is free

A year ago, maybe Google did make all the premium features free on Google Meet. However, in 2021, not all features can be used for free. In the free feature, the meeting duration is only limited to 1 hour and the meeting participant capacity is no more than 100 participants.

How to Change Name on Google Meet

But, among the shortcomings of Google Meet, Google also still gives its users the freedom to explore its applications, such as installing a profile photo and changing the name as desired or just using initials in the form of characters and you can do this for free without having to subscribe to G Suite.

Even when logged in to this application, Google will automatically sync the account used on the device to access it.

How to change the account name on google meet either through a computer or an android phone is fairly easy;

Changing Google Meet Name via PC or Laptop

Log in to your google meet account then select your profile photo located at the top right of the display and select ‘manage google account’. When selecting this menu, you will enter account settings, then select personal info in the left tab of the menu. On this page, all you have to do is change the name you want to display when using the app and when you’re done, click ‘save’.

Changing Google Meet Name Through Android Phone

If you want to change the name on how it looks on an android phone. The trick, after logging into this application account, then select the hamburger menu or the three-line icon on the left side of the display. Next, tap on your name and then select ‘manage google account’ which will direct you to the settings page. The next step is to select personal info and select a name in the profile section below the display. After successfully changing the name, you can directly access the application.

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