3 Causes of Hard Carry Cars to Live and How to Overcome Them


Suzuki Carry is one of the oldest types of cars that are quite in demand in Indonesia. However, there are several reasons why Carry cars are difficult to live, which you need to know. Generally, these causes are almost the same as the causes that exist in other cars when it is difficult to start. Starting from component damage caused by wear, rust, to the age factor.

If the cause is known, then a solution is needed as a way to overcome it. The best way, of course, is to take the Carry car to a repair shop. But it is not possible to take it to the workshop. In these conditions, there are ways that can be independently practiced at home to overcome them. Here are the causes and ways to deal with a hard-to-live Carry car:

Causes of Hard Car Carry to Live

Classic cars, like Carry cars, do have a lot of problems that cause the engine to not start.starter. The average cause of damage to this Carry car lies in the engine components. The following is an explanation of the 3 main causes:

1. Weakening of Battery Function

The weakening of the function of the battery is one of the main reasons why Carry cars are difficult to live. The car battery is a “life” for the car engine. If the battery has weakened, then the vehicle owner is obliged to replace the old battery components with new ones. In addition, vehicle owners can also do tune up Carry machine to detect any other component damage.

2. Component Starter Switch Worn or Rusted

Suzuki Carry cars can be difficult to start when there is a problem with the components switcher starter-his. The problem could be wear or rust. Wear or rust on starter switch This is usually caused by a lack of lubricating levels contained in the car engine oil.

3. Damage to Carburetor

Carburetor components can also be one of the causes of a Suzuki Carry car being difficult to start. That’s because the carburetor is an ignition component. If the carburetor is damaged, then immediately take the car to the nearest and trusted repair shop for service steps or component replacement.

How to Fix a Carry Car that is Hard to Live

After the vehicle owner knows the cause of the Carry car being difficult to live, then there are several easy ways to fix it. This repair method can even be done at home independently. Here’s a quick guide to doing it:

1. Immediately Check All Ignition Components in the Car Engine

Check all components of the car engine. If the engine damage is caused by components such as a dirty carburetor, then clean it immediately with a brush and clean water. Do it slowly so that the component is not damaged.

2. Perform Component Replacement Starter Switch

Next, check the components starter switch Suzuki Carry. If there is damage to starter switch, then it can be overcome by doing a replacement. Car owners can make replacements starter switch home alone. But if you don’t have the serviceability, then you should try to take it to a repair shop so it doesn’t cause other damage.

3. Replace the Weak Battery with a New Battery

When the Carry car dies, please try to check the condition of the battery. If the battery car experienced a weakening, then the car owner is obliged to buy a new battery and replace the old battery with the new battery. Inspection of the actual condition of the battery needs to be done every time you drive. This is so that the Carry car does not die suddenly while traveling.

Well, that’s the explanation of the cause car Carry hard life and ways to overcome it. Always check the condition of the Carry car before use. Don’t force it to drive when the conditions are not really good because it can make it turn off suddenly and be difficult to start. Then if the damage to the car is severe enough, it would be better to leave it to the experts rather than trying to fix it yourself.

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