3 Concepts in Determining the Right Shophouse Design as Residential and Business Place


The right shophouse design has an important role in the success of investing in the house as well as the place of business. Therefore, most people who want to build shophouses think carefully about the ideal shophouse design for residence as well as a long-term investment.

Careful considerations, especially in terms of shophouse design, starting from determining the location, the facade to the building concept will determine the continuity of a building shop in the future.

One type of shophouse design that is trending and almost never goes out of style is the minimalist shophouse design. Shophouses with minimalist designs are very suitable to be applied to various types of locations, because apart from being more promising and having value economical tall one,.

Shophouse Design Concept

Many shophouse design concepts are currently developing, options such as a luxury-style shophouse or a shop house that has a minimalist concept are also ideal as a comfortable and healthy place to live as well as a place of business that promises business prospects in the future.

Here are some recommendations for minimalist shop design based on the concept:

Uniform Color

Using uniform color techniques in all shophouse buildings will make the shophouse look more modern and luxurious, especially when the shop uses white paint which will make the building look spacious and spacious as well as clean.

As a combination to distinguish between a business space and a residence, you can combine two types of the same color with a slight difference, for example a milky white color with a soft broken white color in order to keep building a comfortable impression, especially in a residence which is one of the main parts of a shophouse.

Shophouse Without Fence

A broad impression can also be built when the shophouse design is made openly or without a fence so that it can be accessed not only by buyers but also guests and families who want to visit the shophouse.

With the concept of a shophouse without a fence, the shophouse will look wider and more spacious even when used as a parking location. To make the page neat, you can add paving blocks as the surface of the page to make it look more representative and not flooded when it rains.

However, it is also important to consider the safety factor for a shop with a concept without a fence. The security includes the business of the shophouse and the vehicles belonging to the shop-house visitors to avoid theft.

As a solution, you can use surveillance cameras or CCTV to anticipate and avoid the possibility of unwanted things such as theft.

In addition, you can also use a live fence by using plants that function as a fence that functions as a barrier between the shophouse and the road or other residential areas. The use of fences derived from live plants will also be able to build the impression of a shop that is more environmentally friendly and beautiful.

Separating Each Shophouse Function

In fact, the two functions of a shophouse as a residence and a place of business must be separated, this is to maintain the privacy of each between the two functions, shoppers are still comfortable shopping, family members can still move with privacy that is maintained.

The way to separate it is simply to add a bulkhead or wall that is connected to a special door to facilitate access either to the residence or to the business space.

With the consideration of this mature shophouse design, shop-houses can be used as one of the most potential types of property investment whose value will continue to increase over time.


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