3 Determinants in the Design of a Job Application Biodata to Make it Look Character


The need for an attractive and characteristic biodata or curriculum vitae design is now common, especially for job applications to make it easier for companies to directly identify potential job applicants.

Importance of biodata in applying work also now made with an attractive design, unique and attractive this is to attract the interest of the company that recruited him. Therefore, in determining the design of the curriculum vitae, it is very important when applying for a job.

Because, with an attractive and contemporary CV design, it will be an added value for candidates job applicant which is not only seen from the qualifications, experience and level of education only.

One of the important requirements in determining the use of the right design is clear information about curriculum vitae, ranging from address, contact number, education level, work experience to other skills that support the ability of prospective applicants.

In addition, the curriculum vitae design is also made as attractive as possible but still looks simple and easy to read to make it easier for recruiters to receive job applications.

The design of the biodata which is also known as the curriculum vitae or CV is also the main attachment and has become an important requirement as one of the requirements in applying for jobs, because the biodata briefly contains job applicants so that it looks more efficient.

Many graduates find it difficult to make biodata. This is because most prospective job applicants do not have the expertise and ability to create and produce curriculum vitae designs to make it look attractive and up-to-date.

As a result, biodata which is considered unattractive and ordinary, becomes one of the indicators for recruiting companies for prospective job applicants, because they are considered to have no other expertise outside the field of education so that they are not looked at at all.

There are several ways to determine the design of a curriculum vitae, besides that some applications also provide specific templates for making designs. However, users have to re-edit such as appearance, layout and change the structure of the curriculum vitae to match.

Here are some ways to determine the CV design:

Simple Biodata Design

Try to choose a design that is relatively simple but still attractive. In addition, the background color of the biodata or CV is also a type of color that has a soft character such as pastel-shaped colors.

This simple biodata will also reflect the prospective job applicant who shows a more open nature, easy to learn something new and quick to adapt in a new work environment.

Current Biodata Design

Generally, users of biodata designs do have a tendency to use designs that are contemporary, such as dividing the biodata design into two columns with the appropriate grouping of information, such as: identity, address, hobbies and other related information.

While in the other column to place information about work history, skills and positions that may have been served before.

Character Biodata Design

The biodata design should also ideally have or represent the character of the prospective applicant from the appearance of the biodata to the design of the biodata. However, also avoid colors that tend to be bold like bright red or even golden yellow.

With a biodata design that has a character that gives rise to the nature of the applicant, this will certainly be an added value for anyone who is applying for a job.

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