3 Go Pay Security Features and How to Charge Go Pay


As an online transportation service application made in Indonesia Gojek as the developer of the go pay digital wallet application, providing easy ways to fill go pay for its users with various features and attractive promos that increasingly make applications digital wallet it is very popular in Indonesia.

As is known, Go pay is a digital wallet service that is integrated directly into the Gojek Indonesia application. Go pay can be used to pay for all services based on well-known online transportation applications, namely: Gojek.

Services ranging from Goride, Gocar, Gosend and Gofood to non-cash transactions at offline and online merchants or business partners. As for how to top up Gopay, it’s quite easy by transferring through Gojek partners, One Click, ATM, Internet Banking, Alfamart or through the credit counter directly.

Guaranteed Security and Features When Filling Go Pay

Gojek provides guarantees that are equipped with the latest security technology that ensures all user data and transactions are always safe, including when users want to fill out go pay.

This security guarantee is also a form of commitment to keeping users safe when transacting with GoPay because it already has a series of technologies and will continue to strive to maintain the security of your transactions, balances, and personal data.

Verify OTP Code and PIN when Filling Go pay

Even when you want to top up your go pay balance, including other transactions, there is a Gopay PIN for transaction verification using Gopay or Paylater.

In addition to the pin, there is also an OTP (One Time Password) code or a secret code to enter a Gojek account. Gojek has never asked anyone for this code, so remember don’t give this code if someone asks for it.

Extra protection for Go pay and Paylater balances with guaranteed Go pay balance Back if there is a loss due to suspicious activity outside of special control for users who have upgraded their account to Gopay Plus.

There is a help page on the Gopay menu to find information or solve the problems we face. You can also contact CS Go Pay through this page in case of an emergency. Always remember, security is a shared responsibility, so take advantage of existing security features to make your account more secure.

In addition, there are many various features to make it easier for users, such as the easy-to-use joint venture feature Go pay, making it easier for users of this digital wallet application to make payments both online and offline.

Recap of Transactions Using Go Pay

Go pay Diary is a summary of Go pay transactions for one month, so you can track your Go Pay usage based on Gojek services, including when you just filled out Go Pay. Go pay users who make transactions at least once during the month will get a Go pay diary via e-mail.

How to Fill Go Pay

To top up go pay or top up or top up your Go pay balance, you can do it in several ways according to your conditions and needs. To top up the balance, Go pay has a minimum amount of IDR 10,000.

Here are some steps on how to fill out Gopay:

Filling Go pay or Top Up via Driver

Order at Goride, Gocar, Gofood or other Gojek services. Then convey to the driver who is taking the order if you want to fill out Go pay.

Filling Go pay through Minimarket and Pegadaian

Tell the minimarket cashier or Pegadaian teller to fill in the Go pay. Tell the cellphone number that you use in the Gojek application. Notify the nominal content of Go pay, choose a nominal starting from Rp. 20,000, Rp. 50,000, Rp. 100,000, Rp. 200,000, Rp. 300,000, Rp. 400,000, Rp. 500,000. If so, make sure your Go Pay has increased. To do this, click More on the main page, then click History.

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