3 Ways to Enter XL Voucher Code


As a provider, XL provides many conveniences in terms of entering XL voucher codes to its users, this is so that the process of using both credit and internet quota can be quickly and easily used by its users.

There are two types vouchers that exist and are currently circulating, namely: vouchers data quota and credit vouchers. However, the method of entering the XL voucher code is relatively the same, namely by utilizing 16 unique number combinations to be entered into the cellphone.

Currently, there are at least three types of XL vouchers circulating in the market today, namely physical credit vouchers that are used to enter XL voucher codes. And, electronic or electric vouchers as well as XL vouchers for internet data quota.

Of the three types of XL vouchers that are widely sold in the market, XL vouchers for data quota are mostly used by Telkomsel card users, because they are more practical, because they can be used directly.

In addition, the need for pulse vouchers can also be used to purchase internet data quota through direct purchases through the menu, either in the My XL application or through the direct menu service feature that is already integrated in the starter pack for each XL card by pressing the general code. namely: *123# or a specific menu provided by the XL provider.

How to Enter XL Physical Voucher Code

The first method is the method most used by most people to enter the XL voucher code. Previously, prepare a voucher that will be loaded into your XL number. Vouchers can be purchased at the nearest credit counter.

The trick is to rub the hologram on the voucher using a coin or a hard and thin object. Enter the voucher code according to the instructions in the XL physical voucher.

You can enter the XL voucher code electronically or physically by buying a card that is available at the counter. After that, follow the steps below to enter the XL voucher code. Here’s how:

  1. Rub the back of the voucher to see the 16 digit top-up code.
  2. Type *123*[16 digit kode pengisian pulsa]#. Example: *123*12345678910111213141#
  3. Press ‘YES/OK’ Electronic voucher

How to Enter XL Voucher Code via ATM

In addition, for those of you who want to enter your XL voucher code via ATM, you can follow these guidelines:

  1. Select the Other Transactions menu
  2. Choose a Refill voucher
  3. Choose XL voucher
  4. Choose the nominal M-banking credit

How to Enter XL Voucher Code with Digital Application

Currently, to make it easier for XL card users, the vendor also provides services in the form of charging vouchers through digital applications such as My XL, M – Banking, E – Banking, or other third party applications such as marketplaces. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your banking account
  2. Select the M-Commerce menu, make sure this service has been registered with the bank you are using
  3. Choose a Refill voucher
  4. Choose XL/Axis
  5. Choose a credit nominal

All of the ways to top up XL vouchers above are intended to make it easier for all XL card users to meet the needs of both pulses and internet data quotas that have been provided by XL providers.

In addition, this service has also been applied to all XL card users throughout Indonesia, in other words, the filling process for both XL card credit and XL data quota has reached all regions and levels of society in Indonesia.


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