3 Ways to Repair Injection Car Fuel Pumps and Damage Characteristics

How to fix fuel pump car is actually very easy. In fact, vehicle owners can carry out their own inspection before taking it to a repair shop. fuel pump in Indonesian called the fuel pump is a vital component in the car, especially the injection type.

Because, this pump functions to distribute and adjust the amount of gasoline that is distributed according to the needs of the engine. This component is also useful for maintaining gasoline pressure, so that it remains stable and high enough to start the engine.

Before knowing how to fix it, here are the characteristics that appear. In case of damage to fuel pump car. It’s good for car owners to recognize it.

Characteristics of If Fuel Pump Broken car

Component fuel pump a car, of course, can’t just crash all of a sudden. Previously, there must have been certain characteristics that appeared. No need for a professional mechanic, the characteristics of damage to fuel pump This car can also be recognized by ordinary people. The following is a list and a review:

1. Pump Sound Gets Weak

When the car is started, it will definitely produce a roaring sound. This sound comes from the performance of the fuel pump being turned on. The sound that comes from the direction of the vehicle tank indicates the components pump can work well. On the other hand, if the engine sound becomes weaker than usual. This, can be the beginning of the beginning of component damage fuel pump.

2. The car becomes difficult to start

Voice pump which becomes weak is usually accompanied by a car that is difficult to start. Because, component fuel pump responsible for supplying fuel. So, when this component is damaged the engine response will be reduced. The more damaged the component, the more difficult it will be to turn on.

How to Repair an Injection Car Fuel Pump

After knowing the characteristics that appear, then we will discuss how to fix it fuel pump injection car. There are some easy repair steps that can be done by vehicle owners. The following is a discussion of these steps.

1. Checking Relay Fuel Pump

How to repair a car’s fuel pump, the first thing that must be checked from the components is the relay. This section has a function to distribute electric current so that the pump can turn on. How to fix it begins with removing the relay from the socket. Then check the resistance in terminals 3 and 5.

For this terminal, the default value should appear above 10 0hm. Then proceed to terminals 1 and 2, in this examination the standard result that appears is 1 ohm.

2. Checking Fuel Pump Wiring Harness

The second way to repair a car’s fuel pump that must be checked from the components is wiring harness. This section, you could say, is the most mandatory part to check, when fuel pump the car was damaged. This is, because this part is often the reason for the breakdown fuel pump. The problem that generally occurs is that there is a short circuit in the path.

3. Ensuring Prisoners Fuel Pump

The next section that must be checked is the prisoner section. Sometimes, these components are fitted with prisoners with a size that is too large. Eventually causing the pump engine to run slowly. The standard result of this test is 0.2-0.3 ohm at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. So, if there is a difference in the results, it indicates that the prisoner must be immediately replaced with a new one.

That’s how to fix fuel pump car along with an explanation of its characteristics if damaged. There is nothing wrong with vehicle owners, to recognize the characteristics fuel pump broken car. In fact much better, if it breaks fuel pump known from the start. So, car owners can immediately fix it before the damage gets worse.

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