3 Ways to Unregister Card by U, Practical and Fast


Even though it is relatively new and has many enthusiasts, not a few users of the by u card want to deactivate or unregister this by u card, due to certain factors that forced the user to stop using it. SIM card by U this.

There are a number of reasons why users choose to unregister the card by U and the majority are because they have had enough of trying out the services, such as trying internet packages, feeling underserved with only the availability of online customer service and so on.

In addition, there are also concerns from the user related to restrictions from the government which prohibits the use of SIM cards of more than three types of cards. Now the way to unregister the card by U can be done in various ways, starting from USSD or through dial up or you can also contact the Telkomsel call center directly, the process can be done easily and quickly.

The condition of the by U card that users will delete is when the SIM card status passes the grace period or it could be because the card is lost or other problems faced by by U card users.

In addition, in general, by U card users only want to take advantage of the internet service from this SIM card which has a broad reach. Apart from that, in terms of price, the internet quota package offered by this SIM card is indeed relatively cheaper than other providers, so it is very tempting for users. smartphone users.

This means that the operator can delete and deactivate the card by U within a certain period of time. Then, the deleted by U card will be recycled as a new number on the market.

There are at least three special methods to unregister a card by U, namely via SMS, dial up and through the application. These three methods have proven to be effective in stopping the use of by U cards by users directly, so there is no need to worry if in the future the number is still active because it may have gone through the recycling process into a new number.

In addition to the operator, users can easily unregister the card by U to deactivate the SIM card. If you want to unregister the card by U, do some preparations such as: Write down the KK or Family Card number that has been registered on the previous Telkomsel card.

How to Unreg Karty By U Via SMS

This method is fairly simple, because the process of stopping the service is carried out directly through a feature that has been specifically provided by the provider by U for users who want to stop using the SIM card by U. Here’s how to unregister the card by U via SMS service:

  1. Open the SMS app on your phone.
  2. Type UNREG#HP Number, Example: UNREG#0851234567
  3. Send message to 4444.

How to Unregister BY U Card via Dial Up

To deactivate the card by U through the USSD call process or dial up, you can do the following:

  1. Open the phone menu.
  2. Type *444# and press OK/Yes.
  3. There is an option appears, press the number 3 (UNREG) then Send / Send.

How to Unregister By U Card Through the Application

In addition, the last way to deactivate the SIM by U card service is through the official SIM by U card application, namely the Nindy application available on the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) which can be downloaded for free.


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