300 Thousand Cash Direct Assistance Stopped, Then What?


Since the regulation issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs in September 2021, the 300 thousand direct cash assistance has officially been stopped. Initially the social assistance was intended to ease the difficulties of the community as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. PT Pos, which was mandated to distribute this 300 thousand aid directly. Then what will happen to the next residents?

The reason the 300 thousand direct cash assistance was discontinued

There are several reasons that make this direct cash assistance of 300 thousand rupiahs dispensed with.stop by the government. This has also been a decision of the Ministry of Social Affairs. In fact, PT Pos which was given the mandate said it would immediately complete the distribution of funds from the previous month. So what caused this assistance to be discontinued?

1. Assistance Is Issued During an Emergency

Initially, this 300 thousand cash direct assistance was distributed for four months, from January to April 2021. This was intended to help people who were indeed affected by the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities or PPKM. Then this assistance will be continued again for the months of May to June 2021. Which follows the implementation of the Emergency PPKM.

2. Economic Activities Are Already Running

The second reason is judging from statement issued by Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. During the extension of PPKM in the Java-Bali area, which was originally at level 4, it was no longer implemented. That means, PPKM began to be relaxed. So it can be ascertained that economic activity will resume. Although still implementing health protocols.

3. Back to Regular Program

The cessation of direct cash assistance of 300 thousand does not necessarily make the government silent. Because according to what was conveyed by Tri Risma Harini, the Ministry of Social Affairs will return to the regular program that was previously launched. The assistance that can be taken is the Family Hope Program. Then there is also another social assistance, namely Non-Cash Food Assistance.

How to Apply for Government Assistance

For those who have not received any assistance from the government, you should not worry. Because the Ministry of Social Affairs has made the latest breakthrough so that the incoming data is more accurate. This method is also a solution, if it turns out that there is an inappropriate distribution of assistance. People can register by following these steps:

1. Download Social Assistance Check Application

The first step is to download the Check Bansos application through the Play Store. This application was specially made by the Ministry of Social Affairs by adding rebuttal and proposal features. So if there are family or neighbors who deserve help, they can be registered. After the application is installed, immediately login. But if you don’t have an account, you can register first.

2. Make a Proposal

After successful entry, the community can immediately make suggestions. The trick is to click the Add Proposal button. It is not only oneself who can be registered, but other family members or neighbors who really need it. If successful, a display containing the name and Population Identification Number will be loaded which corresponds to the data in Dukcapil.

3. Fill in all data

The next step in making a proposal help this is to fill in all the data. Make sure it is in accordance with the data in the population, such as the NIK. After that, the Select Bansos menu will appear. Users only need to wait for how it goes on regarding the distribution of social assistance.

This is an explanation of the reasons for the discontinuation of the 300,000 cash direct assistance provided by the government. Even so, there is still another acceptable help. If someone has not registered and deserves to get it, they can make a proposal through the Check Bansos application. Make sure the data provided is true and honest.

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