4 Advantages of Videopad, a Simple and Lightweight Video Editing Software


There are many software and applications that make it easy for you to edit videos. One of them is Videopad. This video editing software is fairly easy to use even for the layman.

Software made by NCH is fairly light and simple. There are two versions of Videopad available for users; free and paid. The paid videopad has more editing features that can be used when compared to the free one.

However, the free version is also very adequate to start the video editing process with a simple process.

This software since its first appearance has undergone many updates since the first version v3.79.

But don’t worry, Videopad makes it easy to provide an experience user the best for anyone. Easy-to-find menu panels, to effects, transitions to media lists that can be easily inserted into the storyboard.

Likewise, when you want to insert audio as a soundtrack or video sound, simply drag the audio file to the soundtrack storyboard.

Videopad Advantages

If you look at the advantages, the Videopad software is indeed slightly better than other video editing software, namely;

Easy to use

As previously mentioned, this software is friendly to anyone, even to the layman. Editing features such as green screen, slow motion are some of the features that can be easily used in this software in an easy and practical way.


If many applications or video editing software require large storage space, then it is different from Videopad which requires no more than 5 megabytes of storage space with various excellent features, of course this is much better.

So that even computer devices with low specifications can run this software, because it does not require a storage space that is too large, including wasteful RAM consumption, which makes the performance of computer devices slow.

Rich Output

The results of video editing through this software can also be saved with various types of files, such as; mp4, avi, 3gp or even can be shared directly to social media.

HD Quality

Although this software is fairly light, the results of videos edited through this software are of high quality (high definition), so there is no need to worry if the video quality is broken or blurry. There are several video storage quality options ranging from 1080 to 2160

Weaknesses of Videopad

However, there are some drawbacks to this Videopad software, namely;

Incomplete Audio Features

Generally video editing, audio is also needed as a support. Well, on Videopad, the audio editing feature is not really optimal for professional editing because this software is actually devoted to video editing.

Easy Slow

The video editing process through this software that inserts so many effects in the edited video will be very vulnerable to running slowly (slowly) on the computer, especially if the computer specifications used do not support video editing.

Rendering too long

Saving videos with high quality (HD) through this software also has the potential to require a very long rendering process because this software takes time to read the video quality to keep it optimal.

From the review of the advantages and disadvantages of the videopad software above, there’s no harm in trying this software to compare this software with similar software, especially in terms of features, quality and of course the relatively small software storage capacity so that it doesn’t require too much space on the computer, let alone having to install it. share with video files which generally require large storage space.


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