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4 Benefits and Uniqueness of the Wijaya Kusuma Plant

Of the many collection plants that are in demand by the public, there is one plant, namely the Wijaya Kusuma plant whose fans have never lost interest even long before the Covid-19 pandemic occurred.

This is very reasonable considering this plant has a unique and beautiful flower shape so it is very suitable if planted in the yard of the house.

Not only is the shape beautiful, the wijaya kusuma plant also turns out to have a variety benefit for health.

In addition, the wijayakusuma plant which is included in the succulent plant category is also thick with myths, especially in the past.

The wijayakusuma plant originating from Cilacap, Central Java is also relatively easy to care for, especially in all regions of Indonesia which are known to have a tropical climate.

In ancient times, the wijayakusuma plant became a symbol of the glory of a kingdom, therefore the flower of the wijayakusuma plant is also referred to as the flower of glory.

At that time, anybody Those who are able to grow the Wijayakusuma plant and produce Wijaya Kusuma flowers, the descendants of the Wijaya Kusuma plant owner are believed to be successful.

Not only that, the wijayakusuma plant is also closely related to the Majapahit Kingdom. According to the rules, any candidate for the king who wants to ascend the throne must pick a wijaya kusuma flower as a symbol of the glory of the kingdom as long as the king leads.

The Uniqueness of the Wijaya Kusuma Plant

In addition to the development of myths about the wijayakusuma plant. This wijaya kusuma flower has its own uniqueness, namely; Wijaya Kusuma flowers have a very short blooming period, especially in the afternoon to evening.

And, in the early morning, the wijaya kusuma flower will wither again. Well, when the wijaya kusuma flower blooms, the wijaya kusuma flower will emit a distinctive fragrance that only this plant has.

Benefits of the Wijaya Kusuma Plant for Health

Behind the beauty and uniqueness of the Wijaya Kusuma plant, there are also benefits from almost all parts of this Wijaya Kusuma plant. Here are some of the benefits;

  1. Ulcer Medicine

The wijaya kusuma flower is effective for use as a boil medicine. It is enough to pick two wijaya kusuma flowers or weighing 10 grams then mash until smooth and add a little water until the wijaya kusuma flowers are really smooth.

After that, apply a mixture of wijaya kusuma flowers and water to the boil until it is completely healed.

  1. Sore Throat Medicine

The wijaya kusuma flower is also effective for treating sore throat. How to make the concoction is also very easy. It is enough to pick 5 wijaya kusuma flowers then boil the wijaya kusuma flowers until they boil, then strain.

After the boiled water is lukewarm, drink the boiled water until the sore throat is completely healed.

  1. Stomach Pain Medication

If you experience stomach pain, wijaya kusuma flowers are also effective in relieving stomach pain. The processing method is the same as treating sore throat. However, the boiled water of the wijaya kusuma flower can only be drunk when the water is really cold.

When you drink the boiled water of the wijaya kusuma flower, you will feel a more comfortable and cool stomach because basically the wijaya kusuma flower has a taste character like mint leaves which is cold and cool.

  1. Relieve Asthma

If you have asthma and have been taking treatment here and there but not getting better. Then you can try this treatment with the wijaya kusuma plant.

The trick, wash at least 6 pieces of wijaya kusuma flowers then slice them into small pieces after that put the slices of wijaya kusuma flowers into boiled water in a drinking bottle and let stand for three hours.

After three hours, you can drink the wijaya kusuma flower infusion or you can drink it when asthma attacks.

Those are some of the benefits of the wijaya kusuma plant that can be used as a natural remedy for various ailments.

So besides being able to beautify the house, the wijaya kusuma plant also has properties for body health.

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