4 Characteristics of Failed Carpet Seed and How to Overcome Them!

When planting carpet seeds in an aquascape, of course, many fail, especially if those who plant them are beginners. For this reason, we have summarized an explanation regarding the characteristics of a failed carpet seed and how to overcome it.

If you are interested in reading articles related to the characteristics of a failed carpet seed and how to overcome it so that it can grow well. So take a look at the discussion in the following article, OK!

What Are the Characteristics of Failed Carpet Seed?

the characteristics of the carpet seed fail

For friends who are beginners in the world of aquascapes, they must have failed when planting carpet seeds, if you are curious about the explanation of the characteristics of failed carpet seeds. So, take a look at the explanation in this article.

Characteristics of Failed Carpet Seed

the characteristics of the carpet seed fail

1. Carpet Seed Rotten and Moldy Quickly

When planting carpet seed seeds, there are a few things to avoid. When filling water at the beginning of planting, the water should not exceed the surface of the planting medium. This avoids carpet seed rot.

2. Quality Carpet Seeds

The quality of the seeds of the carpet seeds is very influential on the carpet seeds that grow or not. Choose good seeds, so that the seed carpet can grow and take good care of them.

3. Pest Attack

Pest attacks can also be the cause of non-TMUH seed carpets. Observe the seed carpet seeds that you plant. If there is an animal that looks like an ant, the animal can cause the seeds to not grow.

4. Lack of Light

Carpet seeds also cannot grow due to lack of light. Like other plants, carpet seeds also need light to plant and photokintif.

How to Overcome Carpet Seed Growing Fast

the characteristics of the carpet seed fail

After discussing what causes carpet seeds to not grow properly. It would be nice if we also discuss how to solve it, what it is:

1. Choosing Good Seeds

To find out good carpet seed seeds, you can try buying several carpet seeds from different sellers. Then plant the seeds according to the instructions given by the seller.

In general, carpet seed sellers will provide you with a paper showing how to plant carpet seeds. Observe the carpet seeds that give the best results.

2. Close the Top of Aquascpae

To prevent pests from getting in, you can cover the top of the tank with plastic. So that the plastic does not shift, then rotate the insulation throughout the closed plastic aquarium.

3. Pay attention to how to fill the water

Do not spray too much or fill with water. Water is needed only to make conditions moist. So, don’t leave the pool water or too muddy so that the carpet seeds don’t rot and mold.

4. Pay Attention to Light Intensity

Light is needed for carpet seed growth. You can buy a lamp that matches the specifications of the aquarium.

You can also place the aquarium on the terrace of the house that is not exposed to direct sunlight. This is because carpet seed is an aquaspace plant whose needs are moderate light.

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding the characteristics carpet seeds failure and how to overcome it.

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