4 Fashion Recommendations for Fat Women in Hijab


Body shape that is a little chubby or fat, is not a reason for women not to be stylish. Currently there are so many fashion recommendations for fat women who wear hijabs to keep them looking stylish, fashionable and elegant.

Fashion recommendation woman Even those who are wearing hijabs currently vary according to fashion developments, so for those of you who have a body shape that is not ideal, you don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with the latest fashion developments.

A beautiful woman is not only seen from the face shape and body size alone, but also there are so many factors that make a woman look beautiful and elegant, even though you have a fat body shape, you can still look beautiful, so you don’t need to feel inferior or ashamed. with the existing body shape, be grateful for everything as a gift from God that must be appreciated.

Likewise, in terms of choosing the right fashion for a full body, nowadays fashion trends don’t only have a tendency for slim women but also for women with a large body shape.

Because basically, in this day and age, a fat body is not only due to being lazy or not wanting to exercise, but also due to diet and the complexity of urban problems which are one of the triggers for a fuller body shape.

Here are some fashion recommendations for fat women who wear hijabs that can be applied not only for non-formal activities but also for formal activities, including for work, so that they look modern, fashionable and stylish.

Determining the Size of Fat Women’s Fashion Clothing with Hijab

Most women who have a fat body tend to be oriented to the latest fashion trends but do not adjust to their body shape, thus making the appearance look strange or even highlighting the folds of fat around the waist area to the thighs.

Therefore, for those of you who have a fat body, try to choose a clothes size that is slightly larger, but not too big because it will make your body shape look bigger.

For MuslimThere are so many Muslim women’s clothes that are not too big that can make the wearer look slim, so they can hide the overall shape of the body and still look fashionable.

Determining Hijab Fat Fashion Motifs

It turns out that determining the right clothing motif, especially for obese women, is very effective in building a slimmer appearance so that it even looks fashionable, especially for daily activities for career women.

Choose a fashion motif or clothing material with a motif that looks softer with an image that is not too large and the arrangement of motifs is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the clothing. Motive Like tribals, diagonal stripes are very effective in building a slim impression on fat women’s clothing.

Determining Clothing Materials or Hijab Fat Fashion

Believe it or not, mistakes in choosing clothing materials for fat women who wear the hijab will actually make anyone who wears it look fatter. Materials such as shiny satin will make a woman’s body look bigger.

For that, you can choose clothing materials made of cotton, besides being able to build a slim and fashionable impression, these non-shiny materials also don’t feel hot on the body so they can be used for activities including outdoors.

Determining Color

The last and not least is to determine the color of the clothes used as fashion for fat women who wear hijab. Instead, you are not too selfish and force yourself to wear clothes that match your favorite color but it actually makes the curves and folds of fat on your body look more prominent.

Choose soft colors, such as pastel colors that are simple and simple but still look contemporary and don’t lag behind in terms of fashion.

If you want to combine clothes with your favorite color, you can adjust the tops and bottoms of the clothes used. (mz)

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