4 Forms of Teacher’s Innovative Work and How to Make It


Creating teacher’s innovative work is one of the important requirements in the Credit Score Assessment component for the Continuing Professional Development element as the main element.

The teacher’s own innovative work has the meaning, namely: as a development work Sciencetechnology, and the arts that have benefits not only for education but also for the general public.

The provisions for teacher innovative work refer to the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Number 16 of 2009 concerning the minimum number of credit scores which are the basis for the requirements for promotion and teaching staff positions, with the following provisions:

  1. The number of publications can be in the form of translated works or in the form of popular scientific writings with a maximum of three pieces, plus a maximum of one manual for teachers.
  2. Research report writing is carried out a maximum of 2 reports per year.
  3. Innovative work is a maximum of 50% of the required teacher credit.

The following forms of innovative work of teachers have been specifically regulated in the regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture:

  1. Finding appropriate technology;
  2. Finding or creating works of art;
  3. Create or modify lesson or practicum tools
  4. Follow the development or preparation of standards, guidelines, questions, and the like.

The teacher’s innovative work has two category, namely complex and simple. Complex and simple categories of appropriate technology works in terms of the scope of use. Medium for learning tools is calculated based on the number or time of the teacher’s innovative work made.

For innovative works of art teachers, the division of categories, both complex and simple, is seen from the number of works produced and the works have been published at least at the district/city level.

The teacher’s innovative work must be reported as evidence. The format for compiling a teacher’s innovative work report must refer to the format that has been determined and must refer to the report format for the benefit of the PAK assessment.

To make it easier for teachers to compile reports on innovative work, the following is an example of a teacher’s innovative work report format.

  1. Title page

This section contains the title of the type of report, the name of the learning tool, the name of the maker, the NIP, and the name of the school and the location of the school.

  1. Statement Page

This page contains a statement from the creator of the innovative work that the work made is original, including the product of the innovative work that was created, must be made by yourself and does not use the work of others.

  1. Foreword

This page contains an introduction to the innovative work that will be assessed in the PAK. The sentence structure must be structured, neat and in accordance with the needs.

  1. Table of Contents and List of Pictures

Contains a table of contents for a report and a list of pictures of innovative works

  1. Purpose

Contains the purpose of making the innovative work created. It can be explained in detail step by step or it can be made in general terms.

  1. Benefit

Explain the benefits of this innovative work, including the benefits for the students. Including benefits for society in general such as helping to facilitate the learning process

  1. Design or Design

The draft or design contains a report in which there are drawings of the design of innovative works as well as diagrams and tables listing materials and equipment used to create innovative works.

  1. Making process

This page contains the process of making innovative works, you can do it step by step to form a single unit or it can also be done by making a summary report.

For example, you can explain the editing process using KineMaster. According to the application you use to edit the learning video.

  1. School Use

This section also explains how the learning videos that have been made can be used during classroom learning. Provide photo documentation. It can also be completed with the RPP that you use.

  1. Closing Section contains Impact and Conclusion

Learning videos made by the teacher themselves will feel more special in the eyes of the students. Although the results of the video are not too special, the students seem to appreciate the teacher’s efforts. Seeing more teacher effort, the impact is that students are then motivated to learn better.

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