4 Recommended Wedding Invitation Designs


Ahead of the wedding moment, there are indeed many bridal couples who are still confused in terms of making preparations, including in determining the type of wedding invitation design that suits their needs.

In fact, choosing the type of invitation design that fits the concept of the event wedding will greatly support the success of a wedding, especially in terms of the level of attendance of invited guests and the suitability between the invitations used and the theme of the wedding being carried out.

There are various types of wedding invitation designs that can be tailored to the wedding theme, the character of the bride and groom to adjust the budget for printing wedding invitations. Here are some types of wedding invitation designs:

Laser Cutting Type Wedding Invitation Design

Laser cutting can not only be applied to dresses or stickers. Invitation designs can also use laser cutting techniques which are fairly new models in terms of wedding invitation designs to make them look more contemporary and adjust to trends.

With this laser cutting technique, the invitation will look more different, luxurious, classy to unique and has a distinctive character which of course cannot be imitated by other prospective bridal couples.

The laser cutting technique relies entirely on designs in the form of ethnic motifs to the usual motifs in batik designs, or you can also use custom-made motifs according to the order of the bride and groom.

Multi-Function Wedding Invitation

You’ve certainly seen invitations that not only function as invitations, but also have other functions such as hand fans and some also function as calendars.

The purpose of this multi-function invitation is actually to highlight the economic value of the invitation, because so far most of the invitations that have been used have been thrown away or become useless waste.

This of course will cause other problems, besides not being environmentally friendly, these used invitations are very difficult to recycle, so the idea arose to make multi-function invitations to be more environmentally friendly so that indirectly you and your partner already have a share in environmental conservation. .

Velvet Wedding Invitation

You must be very new to this type of invitation, velvet invitations or better known as invitations by utilizing a velvet layer are indeed made to build a luxurious and exclusive impression not only for the bride and groom but also the invitees will feel more appreciated.

Even so, this type of invitation costs a lot relatively more expensive than other types of invitations this is because of the addition of velvet to the design of the wedding invitations.

Digital Wedding Invitations

If this invitation does not have a physical form, but economically, digital invitations are much more economical. In addition, this type of invitation can also be designed as much as possible from the appearance side to the placement of photos and the type of letter or font used.

Digital invitations are also relatively simple and practical, because it makes it easy for any guest who wants to be invited to directly open an invitation sent either through social media or through chat applications such as whatsapp or telegram.

This invitation is based on a website with a landing page technique where the website address can be adjusted to the name of the bride and groom so that the recipient of the invitation can find out more quickly.

In addition, because it utilizes technology, this invitation address also uses digital map applications such as google maps to guide guests to the location of the wedding quickly and easily without having to bother reading map plans.

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