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4 Types of Paper Used in Wedding Invitation Design

One of the factors supporting the invitation design wedding looks more exclusive and luxurious is the type of paper used to print wedding invitations.

In fact, some types of wedding invitation paper have an additional special aroma that tends to be more fragrant so that it makes the appearance and quality of the invitations for weddings more different.

Although many wedding couples think that choosing the type of paper used in the design of wedding invitations, makes the price for printing the invitations more expensive, it turns out that this assumption is not always true.

Because determining the type of invitation paper is equally important which is one of the keys to the success of a very sacred wedding procession and only takes place once in a lifetime.

Some papers are generally always recommended by printing services when there is a print order for wedding invitations, this is because the type of paper is considered to support the appearance of the wedding invitation design that has been made.

However, some types of paper do have a slightly more expensive price than other paper commonly used as wedding invitations, but this is very commensurate with the results and quality of the wedding invitations themselves.

Following Several types of paper are commonly used in invitation designs:

Jasmine Paper Wedding Invitations

Jasmine paper has a slightly rough texture but looks more luxurious and elegant. This paper is also very supportive of various types of fonts or letters used in the design of invitations for weddings.

The relatively affordable price makes this type of paper widely used as a material for making wedding invitations with different and luxurious looks and designs. In addition, this paper is also the most popular paper used by printers in general to print good quality wedding invitations.

Concorde Paper

Concorde paper has a fiber-like texture on the entire surface. The use of this paper to print wedding invitations will also be very effective in giving the invitation a look that looks more exclusive and charming and of course increasing the quality of the wedding event.

The price of Concorde paper is also relatively cheap, especially if purchased in large quantities such as invitations for weddings in general which require a large amount of paper, especially if there are quite a lot of invited guests, however the weakness of this paper is that it cannot be folded tightly because will leave a mark that will be seen immediately, therefore this invitation is completely using paper with the size intact so that it does not have to be folded directly.

Art Paper

This type of paper is different from Jasmine and Concorde paper, because it has a texture that tends to be shiny, slippery and smooth. The glossy appearance is indeed more emphasized on this type of paper, because there is a special plastic layer that makes this paper look much different from invitations with other types of paper.

The use of art paper for wedding invitations will also make the wedding invitation look more luxurious and classy.

Ivory Paper

Ivory paper requires special details in the invitation design, because the surface of this type of paper prioritizes the design results of the invitation, because this paper maximizes the background function to maximize the quality of a luxurious and unique wedding invitation design, therefore the use of this paper must be done selectively. especially in determining design services and printing services where to print wedding invitations.

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