4 Types of Small Fish Cultivation Systems! You Must Know, Check Out the Reviews Below!


To get abundant harvests, the fish farming system must also be maximized.

However, many of them don’t know the types of systems cultivation the fish.

Therefore, the News Reference will share some of the types that you need to know for beginners in cultivating fish.

4 Types of Small Fish Cultivation Systems

Cultivation system

In order for maximum yields, then those of you who want to cultivate fish must know the types of cultivation systems as well. Here’s the explanation.

1. Extensive


Usually this system is also called traditional, or very simple. If someone asks, where is this extensive usually used?

Often this extensive area is used and managed traditionally for fishing on the coast of the sea or simple ponds.

2. Extensive Plus

Extensive Plus

Almost the same as extensive, this time with a plus, meaning that cultivation will be managed in a more sophisticated and modern way.

Usually the feed system and also the place are more hygienic, thus making the harvest more abundant.

3. Intensive


The technology used for this cultivation is the location of ponds or ponds which usually have a smaller size.

However, with a smaller pond area, the fish that live are also more secure for their health and so on.

4. Semi Intensive

Semi Intensive

The pattern that is applied semi-intensively is usually located in the waters, the point is that the water is clearer because it is always replaced or something else.

This water change is carried out approximately 2 or 3 times, so that the existing fish are also healthier and not affected by disease.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, those are some types of small fish farming systems that you must know, so that you get maximum yields, then use one of the ones mentioned above.

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