4 Ways to Deactivate Telkomsel Card


Now how to deactivate the Telkomsel card can be done in various ways, starting from SMS up to USSD or via dial up or you can also contact the Telkomsel call center directly, the process can be done easily and quickly.

Every registered Telkomsel card can be deleted through the user or operator so you don’t have to worry if at any time you want to delete the Telkomsel SIM card service.

The condition of the Telkomsel card that the user will delete is when the SIM card status passes the grace period or it could be because the card is lost or other problems faced by Telkomsel card users.

This means that the operator can delete and deactivate the Telkomsel card within a certain period of time. Then, the deleted Telkomsel card will be recycled as a new number on the market.

There are at least four specific methods to deactivate a Telkomsel card. These two methods have proven to be effective in stopping the use of Telkomsel cards by users directly, so there is no need to worry if in the future the number is still active because it may have gone through the recycling process into a new number.

In addition to the operator, users can easily deactivate the Telkomsel card to deactivate the SIM card. If you want to unregister your Telkomsel card via SMS to USSD, do some preparations.

Take note of the KK or Family Card number that has been registered on the previous Telkomsel card. Check out how to unregister a Telkomsel card via SMS to USSD.

How to Deactivate Telkomsel Card via SMS

To stop using a Telkomsel card via SMS service, you can do the following:

Users can use the method of deactivating the Telkomsel card via SMS. Open the SMS/Message menu. Type in the format UNREG#KK Number. Send to 444. Wait for the Telkomsel card unreg notification to be successful. This means, if every transaction and service through the Telkomsel card is no longer active.

Usually the process of discontinuing the use of Telkomsel card services using this method does not take long. Even if there is a delay in the card deactivation process, it is more due to network constraints.

How to Stop Telkomsel Card Service via USSD

This method is fairly simple, because the process of stopping the service is carried out directly through a feature that has been provided specifically by Telkomsel for users who want to stop using a Telkomsel SIM card.

How to deactivate Telkomsel Card via USSD Furthermore, users can use the unregistered Telkomsel card via USSD *444#. Open the Call menu. Type *444#. Type the number 3 or UNREG. Click Send. Enter the registered KK number. Click Send. Wait for the Telkomsel card unreg notification to be successful.

How to Stop Telkomsel Card Service via Call Center

How to disable a lost Telkomsel card when a user experiences a loss of a Telkomsel card, you can unregister a Telkomsel card with the following steps. Users can contact the Telkomsel call center or come to the nearest GraPARI. Tell us about unregistering a Telkomsel card by preparing a KK number or Family Card. 24-hour call center service by calling 188 or sending SMS to 1166. In addition, other Telkomsel call center services are at 08071811811.

How to Unregister Telkomsel Card via Dial Up

How to deactivate Telkomsel Card via Dial Up is as easy as using SMS. Here’s how: 1. Open Calls on your cell phone 2. Call *444# 3. Press OK/YES/Call 4. Next, you will get a menu with several options. Then, select Unreg 5. Enter the 16-digit NIK number that was previously registered.


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