4 Ways to View Email Addresses That You Must Know! Let’s see the explanation!


For most people, they are still confused about how to see an email address. Maybe because of the many features available, so people tend to be clueless about it.

So to see this email address is a bit difficult, especially if we want to see it via HP or PC, the way to see the email address is also different.

For this reason, we will discuss about it, so that you understand and can see it for yourself.

How to View Email Address?

how to see email address

If many friends are still confused about how to view this email address. So we have summarized it in as much detail as possible, so you can understand. So, see the explanation in the following article, OK!

1. Via the Gmail app

First, you can use the Gmail app. Every Android phone should have this app (default).

The position of the email on the phone will continue to be active in the Gmail application. Also listed.

Here are the steps:

  • Your first step is to open the Gmail app on your Android phone.
  • If it opens, please click Gmail profile photo at the top right.
  • Then all your email addresses will appear as shown below.
  • Finished.

2. Via HP settings

For this method through HP settings. Here you don’t need internet connection at all.

Here are the steps:

  • First you can select the settings menu.
  • Then search for and click on the Google menu.
  • Then your email address will appear.
  • Well if you want to see another email address, that can also be enough, just click on the downward direction icon. Then all the email addresses will appear.
  • Finished.

3. Via browser

For the next way through browser. Make sure the phone is connected to the internet.

You can use various Android-specific browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser or others.

Follow the steps below:

  • As a first step, you can open the browser first. Here I will try to use Google Chrome.
  • Then visit the Gmail site via a browser.
  • If you have, your email address will appear at the top.
  • Then as you want to see other people, you can click on the e-mail address. Then all your email addresses will appear.
  • Finished.

If your email address doesn’t appear, then try checking the internet connection on your phone.

4. Via Google Play Store

More or less the same as the previous Android menu settings. In this PlayStore all active emails on the cellphone will be detected, and we can find out the address.

Follow these steps:

  • The first step is to open the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  • After that click your email profile photo at the top right.
  • Then all your email addresses will appear as follows.
  • Finished.

Conclusion and Closing!

how to see email address

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to see an email address? It’s quite simple isn’t it, practice it yourself.

If there may be a writing error or typo in a sentence, we apologize profusely, we promise to do our best to provide information to all of you.

However, don’t forget to share this article with friends, relatives, girlfriends, closest family or even family from far away, so that we will be more diligent and active in providing other interesting information to you.

Hopefully the information we provide regarding how to view this email address can be useful for friends and become additional knowledge for later life.

That’s all from us and thank you for reading this article. See you again in the next article! Bye-Bye.


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