5 Applications for Creating Online Learning Media


This distance or online learning process also requires the expertise of educators to create interesting online learning media so as not to make students bored quickly through learning media that are made as attractive as possible and attractive which still cultivates students’ thinking power to understand the subject matter presented.

Currently, there are so many application which can help teachers to create online learning media quickly and easily and efficiently even for educators who are still new to making online learning media.

Well, here are seven applications that can be used by educators to help the process of making online learning materials.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an application for creating online learning media based on web which is made to facilitate learning activities between teachers and students without having to meet face to face.

Google Classroom is part of Google’s participation in helping the education sector affected by the pandemic through the Google for Education service which makes it easier for educators to build communication with their students, especially in making online learning media.

Google classroom allows teachers to see the progress of students who have and have not completed assignments and can directly provide real-time values ​​and input from online learning media that they have created.

Not only that, students can also access and receive materials directly, including submitting assignments directly through this Google Classroom application.


Powtoon is an interactive animation video and presentation application. Educators can take advantage of this interesting application to create various types of online learning media, from animation, infographics, videos or other creative media.

In addition, the Powtoon application is also equipped with attractive features and displays to make online learning media more enjoyable.

In this application, teachers can insert various displays, both characters, effects, animations, background images and photos.

Not only that, learning materials that have been made can be directly shared on various social media platforms.

You can use Powtoon directly from the web or through the mobile application.


Prezi is an application (software) for creating and managing presentations online. Its lightweight appearance also makes it easy for any user, including even the layman.

Because, the Prezi application has almost the same character as Power Point and Google Slides. One of the advantages of the feature is the Zooming User Interface which makes it easy for users to adjust the display according to their needs.

Prezi can be used online as well as offline. There are two access options, namely: online and offline. For online access, you only need to visit the official Presi website at, while for offline access you must install the application on your computer.

Here are some of the excellent features in the Prezi application, namely; Prezi Present, Prezi Video and Prezi Design that can be used by teachers to create interesting learning media.


This education-based service launched by a technology company from the United States can be used by educators to create online learning media with features such as sharing material content, distributing quizzes, distributing assignments, and managing communication between teachers and students.

In the world of education, the Edmodo application has become a very popular medium because it has features that greatly facilitate the learning process.


Who does not know this application. Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, the Zoom application has become a platform that is widely used as a medium that is very helpful in the process and creating online or distance learning media.

Many of its features greatly facilitate the online learning process, such as screen recording, making presentations to create online learning media, including a personal chat feature that makes it easier for students to interact with both teachers and other students.

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