5 Best Free Novel Apps Without Buying Coins, Must Have


The novel has its own charm for its lovers. Today’s technological sophistication makes novels increasingly in demand because they are available online on line so no need to buy it in advance. Lots of novels are available in application form. Curious? Here’s a free novel application without buying coins that is worth listening to:

1. Novel Reader

Novel Reader provides novels from Korea, Japan, and China. Readers do not need to worry about the language in this novel because it has been changed to English so that it is more universal. This application is available for free because you only need to download it on the Play Store.

There are so many novels that you can read without having to buy coins first. In fact, this free novel application without buying coins can be read online offline provided you download it first. The size of this application is not too large so it is enough to fill the memory space of the reader’s cellphone. For those who are curious, just download the application right now.

2. Wattpad

Indonesian novels with various themes can be found in this one application. Interestingly, all available novels can be read for free and do not require coins. Readers can also create their own to write on the Wattpad account that has been created. How, sure not interested?

For good novels that have been published, of course they will be removed from this application immediately so that readers are more curious to buy the novel version hardfile-his. Don’t forget to actively write in this application so that many can read it and publishers can glance at it. If you are lucky, the article will also be published.


Various kinds of books and novels are available in full on this application. Readers can freely read books or novels with various desired themes. This free novel application without buying coins is worth downloading because it can read various titles that readers are looking for.

Something interesting has been provided by this application, namely the audio book feature so that readers can enjoy an audio version of a story. This feature is certainly very useful when the reader is lazy to read. If you have a talent for writing, then this application can also be used to channel interesting ideas.

4. Web Read

Novels originating from South Korea are indeed worth following because they are equipped with interesting story ideas and plots that are difficult to predict. The language used in this novel has been translated into English so that it is more understandable for the readers. Readers who want to choose another language are also welcome. Please set it yourself.

Another interesting feature in this free novel application without buying coins is that there are: mode night that can be activated when it is night. This feature will provide more comfort for the readers and certainly does not damage the eyes. Not many applications that provide this feature so that Web Read is worth downloading.

5. Innovel

Romantic stories are sought after by those who like them. If the reader really likes romance genre novels, this Innovel application is very useful recommended very. A reader in this application can also contribute to produce interesting works. If a lot of people read and the writing is of high quality, it will get exposure.

Application novel free without buying coins that have been described above is worth collecting because it presents quality writing and is certainly addictive. Choose one of these applications that best suits the taste of the reader. Without needing to think anymore, let’s immediately download the application right now.

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