5 Best Slow Motion Video Editing Apps for Android


The increasing prevalence of video sharing social media platforms is also accompanied by the need for android users to display the best video creations, including through the best android slow motion video editing application that can produce videos with epic effects.

Especially during a pandemic like today, which forces anyone to do more activities at home, either working or studying, which causes boredom. And, the existence of a video sharing platform is considered to be the best alternative entertainment to fill time at home.

The increasing number of video-based social media platforms also makes Android users compete to display videos with various creations through the Internet application video editing including slow motion video app android which is simpler.

Even though in fact, every Android-based smartphone is equipped with a slow motion video editing application, most users consider the default mobile application to have incomplete features in terms of video effects features.

Therefore, many android users then choose the best slow motion video editing application that has several criteria ranging from complete features, small RAM capacity to free to be the most popular video editing application.

The following is a row of the best Android slow motion video editing applications with various advantages that can be a reference for Android users;

Slow Motion Video FX

In the first place there is an android slow motion video editing application with the name Slow Motion Video FX. The video editing feature in this application is quite complete. In addition, there is also the option of editing by recording directly or through videos that are already stored in the phone’s memory.

How to use this application is also quite easy, just choose which video scene you want to make slow motion. The space capacity required for this application is relatively small so that it is in great demand by users.

Coach’s Eye

This slow motion video editing application is intended more for sports-themed videos such as football and basketball which will feel more dramatic if the video is made in slow motion. Coach’s Eye is the most appropriate application for editing such videos.

There are two options for users; free and paid. For free users, the Coach’s Eye application provides a free cloud service of 2 GB. For new users, how to use this application is quite easy, just by registering through a social media account.


In addition to having a slow motion video editing feature, the Videoshop application is also equipped with another feature, namely fast motion. In addition, application users can also add other creations to the video, such as adding text to make it look more perfect and different.


This Androvid slow motion video editing application has better quality edits because it is equipped with other more complete video effect filters so that the quality is almost close to video editing applications like the iPhone.

This application is also equipped with a video convert feature with various formats with HD (high definition) quality. The user interface is quite friendly even for new users though.


This slow motion video editing application will indeed provide maximum results for uploading on Instagram. FilmoraGo is even equipped with various video sizes and quality through the screen that adjusts the Instagram ratio; 1:1

To make it easier for users, there is a slow motion option that uses speed ratios ranging from 1/4, 2/4 and other sizes that suit the user.

Equipped with various other interesting video editing filters, FilmoraGo also provides video storage options in various formats.

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