5 Best Travel Cameras to Accompany Your Adventure


It’s not complete when on vacation if you don’t bring a traveling camera to capture important and memorable moments traveling to various tourist areas.

In addition, if you only rely on a cellphone camera, even though it is equipped with advanced features, it still feels lacking because generally professional cameras are much more worthy of being friends when traveling to maximize the beauty of each object. tour while honing the ability to determine the best photo angle.

Of the many professional traveling cameras currently available, generally they are sufficient to serve as essential equipment when traveling. What’s more, when traveling there are so many natural panoramas that can be documented as mementos.

Travel Camera Type

Generally, traveling cameras are required to have adequate image capture quality, because the object of the image to be photographed usually has various levels of difference. In addition, a traveling camera should also ideally use a DSLR type camera or a professional camera that is able to capture moving images through various camera features such as speed shutter and the ability to determine lighting effects either manually or automatically.

In the following recommendations, there are at least five types of traveling camera brands that you can choose as documentation equipment when adventuring with the advantages that exist in the features of each traveling camera:

Sony Cyber ​​Shot

Sony Cyber ​​Shot RX 100 has a special image sensor up to 1 inch that can be used even in low light tourism objects that are not owned by cellphone cameras.

In addition, this Sony Cyber ​​Shot RX 100 camera also has a telephoto lens with a size of 24-200 mm with light apertures of up to f 2.8 – 4-5 with the ability to zoom up to 8 times magnification without affecting the quality of the resulting image.

Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic issued a sophisticated Lumix type professional camera in each of its camera series. The simple design also won’t be a hassle when taken anywhere, including even in the forest, because the Panasonic Lumix camera is equipped with a fixed telezoom, so you don’t have to bother or be heavy to carry telephoto lenses of various sizes.

Olympus Tough

The camera manufacturer Olympus has always highlighted its advantages as a waterproof camera that can be used even under the surface of the sea or the beach without having to worry about damaging the important components of this camera.

In addition to being resistant to water pressure, the Olympus camera also has the capability of optival zoom up to 4x with an aperture of f/2 up to a maximum of 25 mm. There are also macro photography and imaging raw features plus the ability to record videos with the best quality with satisfying image results even when used to take pictures of various marine life.

GoPro Hero

The Go Pro Hero camera specializes in challenging traveling activities such as rock climbing, downhill, paragliding to diving. Although it is quite small in size, its compact design makes it strong enough to be used even in the toughest of fields.

The technology embedded in the Go Pro Hero 7 Black Edition camera is even quite sophisticated because there is a hyper smooth feature that will produce stable video quality even when used in various steep fields without having to worry about affecting the quality of the resulting image.

Canon EOS

Although known as a professional DSLR camera, but the manufacturer Canon is still friendly to use even for beginners though. Canon EOS series cameras are equipped with various special specifications such as ISO which is capable of up to 25600 with maximum light sensitivity.

In addition, this pro camera also has the speed to shoot moving objects up to 60 frames per second (fps).


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