5 Business Ideas For School Kids


Business Idea – Running a business is not limited by a person’s age as long as they are willing and have great intentions, it will definitely be easier to build a business.

This is evidenced by the number of students who are successful with their business even though they are still in school.

If you are serious about it, it is not impossible that you can become someone who is successful in developing a business.

High school / vocational students are currently looking for additional income that can be done easily but does not interfere with their activities as a student.

For a student who wants to start a business, he must be good at managing his time, besides that he must choose the right type of business and not interfere with his activities as a student.

Business ideas that students can try

1. Resellers

We can call a reseller as someone who resells the goods he bought. Reseller buys goods with the aim not to be consumed or used alone, but to resell and profit from the sale.

A reseller can buy goods from anywhere, from manufacturers, suppliers, agents, distributors, wholesalers to other resellers. To become a reseller you need to require a little capital to provide stock of goods that will later be sold. You can do various media such as websites, blogs, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and other media.

2. Dropshipper

A dropshipper is someone who runs a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is a business where you sell products made by other parties. A dropshipper does not need to have capital to be able to stock goods.

Dropshippers only sell products with pictures and product specifications, then the producers will process and send them to consumers.

3. Credit Agent etc

Starting a business as a credit agent is certainly very profitable, especially in modern times like today, the need for credit is increasing.

The need for pulses in the midst of modern society is one of the needs to support our daily activities which do not escape from gadgets as a means of communication and activities. In addition, opening a credit agent business does not require too large a capital.

4. Blog Writer

Business ideas for schoolchildren

You can make money by writing a blog. You can earn money from your blog in many ways, from Google AdSense to endorsements.

To make money from your blog, you don’t need any capital, you only need to create a blog on the best platform and then create quality and of course useful content. You can also promote your blog to social media so that your blog is growing.

5. Design Services

Currently the world of design has become increasingly popular because it is often associated with other businesses. It is undeniable that many people need design services for certain purposes, such as logo design for business, business card design, home interior design and other graphic designs.

To open this design service business, you don’t need big capital, you only need to have the ability to design and other software skills.

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