5 Business Opportunities For High School Students That Can Be Tried


Even though they are still in school, it does not mean that there are no businesses for high school students that make money at all. High school students can also run small-scale businesses that are easy to run to earn extra pocket money. In fact, if high school students are smart in seeing opportunities, business in high school will be very profitable.

This is because high school students will find it very easy to find shares and potential customers. Because you can, starting from his friends at school. Here are 6 business opportunities that will be discussed, this business is very suitable to run for high school students who are looking for extra pocket money. This business is also easy to run, without disturbing learning.

1. Sell Credit and Data Packages

The need for pulses and an internet network has become a major need for most. Especially for high school students who use and utilize their smartphones very often. This can be a business opportunity for high school students who earn money, because high school students can become credit sellers.

The target market, of course, is his own friends who are around him. The probability of doing so is very high. In addition, this business does not take time because transactions can also be done online. Buyers who are school friends can pay in cash, if they meet at school.

2. Become a Reseller and Dropship

The business for high school students who produce next is to become a product reseller. High school students can search for products online. Which products are children of their age interested in, such as fashion products, cute stationery products for learning and so on. These products can be offered back to classmates who are interested. It can also be sold through social media.

No need to stock goods or look for suppliers anymore. High school students only need to focus on the process of offering their goods. The profit is also very good, especially if the goods sold can be in large quantities.

4. Selling Game Vouchers

Besides selling credit and data packages, game vouchers can also be a profitable business alternative for high school students. Moreover, nowadays both young and old are playing games. High school children can find out first what games are the most and most popular today. Then, find a source to buy the voucher then offer it back to the player.

The target market of this business can be the closest people. Like classmates or playmates who like to play games on smartphones. The possibility of selling and the benefits are also very large.

5. Become a tutor

If high school students have good academic achievements, it can be utilized by becoming a tutor. Especially tutors for elementary school children whose lessons are much easier and more mastered by high school students. No need to be a tutor for all subjects, high school students can choose only one subject that is most mastered.

Providing services as a tutor will also not interfere with learning time. Because, it can be done outside school hours. In addition, tutoring sessions do not need to be opened every day, just a few times a week. It’s no wonder that many think that this business for high school children is guaranteed to be profitable.

6. Open Endorsement on Social Media

Business This applies to high school students who are super-existent and have many followers on social media. Instead of just sharing daily activities, it never hurts to monetize followers on social media, especially Instagram. High school students can start to open endorsement services.

Can be started by receiving services endorsement for small businesses first. While learning to create content, so that the appearance of social media is more attractive.

Those are 6 business opportunities for high school students who earn. Besides being able to get extra pocket money. The business opportunities above also do not interfere with the main task of high school students, namely studying.

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