5 Delicious Indian Foods Suitable for Indonesian Tongue! Try This Culinary Business!

When you want to start a culinary business, the target market must be prioritized. Maybe you can start with typical Indian food that is suitable for the Indonesian tongue.

Moreover, this typical Indian food is indeed very rich in spices, even though starting a culinary business, it never hurts to try it by starting this business.

5 Typical Indian Foods that are Delicious and Suitable for Indonesian Tongue

Indian food

It is undeniable that competition business The culinary field is very large, for that try to start by doing business with typical Indian food which is rich in spices and is certainly in great demand by Indonesians.

1. Biryani

This biryani rice is very rich in spices and also tastes very delicious, to start an Indian food business, you have to determine the right recipe so that the target market is also large.

2. Butter Chicken

Maybe this butter chicken is one of the favorite foods of the Indonesian people, by starting this business, you will get a very big profit.

3. Kathi Roll

It could be that this kathi roll is more like a kebab, but in terms of taste, it is clear that this food is much more delicious and rich in spices, so it is very suitable to start a kathi roll business in Indonesia.

4. Samosas

If you don’t want to do a heavy food business, maybe this Samosa can be an alternative choice to start a food business, because this food is classified as a snack and the price is also quite cheap.

5. Naan

One more food that should not be forgotten is Naan, this typical Indian food is very suitable for sale to the tongue of the Indonesian people.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, those are some typical Indian foods that are suitable for Indonesian tongues, how are you interested in starting this culinary business?

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