5 Details of the Best Medical Tuition Fees Until Graduation


Medicine is one of the most desired majors, by prospective students. The main reason this major is in great demand is the great career opportunities. Before enrolling in this department, it’s a good idea for prospective students to know about the cost of medical tuition. The following is the total cost of medical tuition until graduation, which prospective medical students should know:

1. By University

The first is based on the university or college. There are two types of universities, namely public and private. Medical majors at private universities tend to incur higher costs. This is because state universities receive funding from the government.

The aid fund is BOPTN or State University Operational Assistance. That is why PTN does not require a lot of funds from its students. This cost difference can be tens of times, so prospective medical students should think about it carefully. The total cost of studying medicine until graduation in this case cannot be ascertained because it varies from year to year.

2. By Path of Entry

The second is based on the entry route, to the medical department. Generally, there are three entry routes, namely SNM, SBM, and Mandiri. The entry point that spends the most money is self-reliance. Usually those chosen in this path are the high class, who dare to pay big.

Each university has a different independent pathway fee. Generally around 5 to 100 million rupiah. Even some private universities charge a total medical tuition fee to graduate around over 100 million, for independent pathways to majoring in medicine.

3. BOP and UKT

The third is BOP and UKT. BOP is the Operational Cost of Education, which is calculated based on the needs of students in a department. While UKT is a Single Tuition Fee, or better known as SPP. Each university certainly has a different BOP and UKT. Generally, the BOP ranges from around 500 thousand rupiah to 25 million rupiah.

Then the UKT itself is usually divided into several groups, according to the financial capabilities of the students. UKT majoring in medicine groups 1 and 2, is 500 thousand rupiah to 1 million rupiah. Then groups 3 and 4, which is about 2.5 to 4 million rupiah. Groups 5 and 6, which is about 5 to 15 million rupiah.

4. Practicum

The fourth cost is the practical fee. The medical department is a major that is famous for its practicum. In fact, you could say that 70% of medical college activities will be filled with practicum. Practicum usually has its own costs, apart from the costs already mentioned. The more difficult the practice, the more expensive it will be.

Usually practicum fees range from 500 thousand rupiah to 50 million rupiah. It’s fantastic isn’t it? Of course, because medical practice requires objects such as human organs, or animals. Not to mention the equipment needed, that’s why the practicum costs are very expensive.

5. Cost of Living

The last is the cost of living, or student costs during college. The cost of living includes transportation costs or money, food allowance, money to do chores, and much more. Moreover, if students live in boarding houses, the cost of living will be even greater. Generally, the cost of living for medical students can reach 5 to 10 million per month.

The more tasks, the more costs are required. That is why the cost of living, must be included in the total cost of medical college until graduation. Do not let prospective students forget the cost of this one, and only calculate the tuition fee.

So that’s the total cost studying medicine until graduation, which prospective medical students should know. If all of them are added up, then medical education can reach 100 to 500 million rupiah. Use the details of the medical tuition fees above as consideration so you won’t be surprised when you enter college later.

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