5 Details of the Cheapest Master’s Tuition Fees in Indonesia, Complete

Continuing education up to master’s degree is everyone’s dream if they have the opportunity even though compulsory education only reaches high school. Many people want to lead more knowledge and increase their knowledge and skills. It’s just that the community has an average income that is not sufficient to finance children’s continuing education to the master’s level. Therefore, it is also important to know the following cheapest postgraduate tuition fees in Indonesia.

The goal is to be able to continue their education as high as possible without having to be hindered by costs. Considering that on average, people in Indonesia come from the middle class rather than the upper class. Check out some cheap fees to continue S2, namely:

1. Mercu Buana University

Mercu Buana is a university with the cheapest master’s tuition fees in Indonesia, both from tuition and semester fees. There are several majors such as management
cost twenty-seven and a half million. Civil and mechanical engineering cost twenty-four million. While accounting, industrial engineering, electrical engineering and communication science amounted to twenty-five and a half million.

2. Build the Archipelago

Bina Nusantara is also included in the list of universities with the cheapest master’s tuition fees in Indonesia. For the cost of accounting majors of twenty million people the same as majoring in marketing and strategic marketing communications. Furthermore, the technique of informatics and management of information systems cost forty-one and a half million. Of course, it is different from the amount of the cost of the previous majors because it is adjusted to the facilities that will be received.

In contrast to industrial engineering which costs up to twenty five million. That’s according to what facilities are needed and provided differ between majors.

3. Open University

Open Tuition can be the cheapest postgraduate tuition fee option in Indonesia if you want to continue your master’s degree. The concept of open university learning is different from other universities because it can be done on holidays. The place of study is not permanent, like other universities which have their own buildings. The tuition fees are the same for all majors, only different because of the type.

It is divided into type A, which ranges from seven point forty five million rupiah. Type B costs around nine point thirty five million rupiah. Majors to choose from include Management, Public Administration (MAP), Language Education. There is also a department of Mathematics Education and Basic Education (MPDr).

4. Binus University – Online

There are alternatives to S2 online at a fairly affordable cost. Such as accounting and strategic marketing communications, the tuition fee for Masters is thirteen and a half million. Then for the department of information systems management and informatics engineering, the fee is nineteen and a half million. The amount was different from industrial engineering which only cost him twelve million.

5. Widyatama University- Online

Widyatama also carries S2 online at a cost that is pocket-friendly and not burdensome. It can be seen from the cost of the management department paying nine million rupiah for the building and six million for lectures every semester. You can also choose an accounting major with a building cost of eight million rupiah with tuition fees every semester six million five hundred thousand rupiah.

That’s the explanation of the cost studying cheapest s2 in Indonesia that can be recommended. To find out more information, you can browse the website of each suggested university. Don’t worry, even though it’s cheap and affordable, the quality of teaching is also unquestionable. In education, it is not measured where the school is but how students digest every knowledge that is given and apply it in society.

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