5 Easy Ways to Clear Photos Without Apps


Sometimes the photos are blurry, blurry, and unclear, of course this makes the photos less than optimal. No need to worry there are many ways to clear photos without an application that can be done easily. There are many sites that can be used to make blurry photos clear and photos look more detailed.

These sites can later be used to make photo quality much better. In addition, users also do not need to download applications that take up storage space. Here’s how to clear photos that can be done without using additional applications:

1. Using the Site

The first site that can be used as a way to clear photos without a blurry photo application is Users can clear photos via HP or PC with the help of this site. How to use it is very easy, users must visit the site. However, the user must first prepare the photo to be repaired.

Next, select the + Select image sign to select and specify the photo to be repaired. Then, upload the photo, then press start. Next, users can arrange photos according to their needs. Wait until the process is complete. The last step, users can download photos that have been repaired to make them look clearer.

2. site

The next site that can be used to clear up photos is The features provided are quite easy. Users only need to upload photos to be repaired. The first step is the user visits the site

Next, press upload image, then select the options available next to the photo according to your needs. To process it, press Star Processing. Wait until the process is complete, then download the photo. Please note that uploaded photos cannot be more than 1500×1500 PX. Easy, right?

3. Waifu2x

How to clear photos without the next application can be done through the Waifu2x website. The features provided by the site, which has existed since 2015, are not only able to clarify photos, but the resolution of photos can also be enlarged. To use this site is very easy, users only need to upload the photo they want to fix via the select file field.

The terms of the uploaded photo must not be more than 8 MB or 3480×3840 PX. Next, the user is asked to choose the resolution as desired. Then, press the number 2x which is located in the Scale column and check the empty box, finally press the Waifu2x column.


A site that is also useful as a way to clear photos without an application is The first step to using this site is to open the site which can be done via Smartphone or PC.

Next, upload the photo you want to fix, then set it sharpened by changing it to a larger position. Then, the Sharpen button is selected to confirm the results of the photo. If the results are appropriate, just select the save button to download the image. Interested in trying it?


A site for clearing photos that shouldn’t be missed is In addition, the site offers a free plan for 8 trials that users can enjoy. The condition is that the uploaded photo must not exceed 5MB in capacity. Interestingly, this site is equipped with AI technology aka Artificial Intelligence to process blurry photos.

To use this site, it is enough to visit the site which can be done via Smartphone or PC. Then, users upload photos that they want to improve their quality. Users can also specify the size of the desired photo. Then, press the start button, finally wait until the process is complete and change to the start button. Press.

Those are 5 ways to clear photos without an application that can be applied easily. These sites provide various features to improve the quality of photos, one of which makes the photos look clear and crisp.

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