5 Easy Ways to Get KGSP Scholarships to Study in Korea


Korean Government Scholarship Program is a scholarship from the Korean government given to students who continue their studies there. One of the most sought-after information is about how to get a KGSP scholarship. Because the costs are very complete, ranging from tuition, accommodation, to health. Here’s how to get it:

1. Choose the Registration Path

KGSP provides two different pathways for applicants to choose from for this scholarship. The two paths are university and embassy. The difference in this path lies in the agency to which the scholarship requirements document is sent. If you register via embassy, then the document is sent to the Korean Embassy in Indonesia.

2. Choose a Major

If you have found which path to choose to apply for a scholarship at Korean Government Scholarship Programme, The next step is to determine the major. Track embassy have an advantage over universities. Because prospective students can apply for registration to three universities with three different majors. That’s why it’s recommended to use path embassy just.

3. Complete the Requirements Documents

How to get scholarship The next KGSP is to complete all the documents needed for the submission process. This document is printed in A4 paper format, then photocopied in three copies. There are special things that really need to be considered so that this scholarship application can be accepted. The following are the requirements for the document:

  • Family Card and Birth Certificate. Both of these documents were translated into English or Korean with the assistance of a sworn translator.
  • Report cards and diplomas from high school or equivalent from the beginning to the end of the semester. This document can be translated by yourself. But after that you have to ask for legality from the school. Also include proof of authenticity by using the services of a notary
  • Identity Card belonging to the scholarship applicant or parent
  • TOEFL Certificate (if required)
  • Certificate of achievement

When completing this document should not be careless. It’s better to do it in advance so that the files that are still lacking can be completed immediately.

One of the things that determine whether a scholarship application is accepted or not is related to the essay. Because what is seen from the registrants also includes quality and quality passion which he has. So it’s not just a matter of academic value. Write down the side that is not listed in the academic list. Better yet ask proofread from other people.

What needs to be prepared next to get the KGSP scholarship is study plan. There are two things to include in this file. The first is the reason for learning a foreign language. And second, regarding the reasons for choosing the university and the majors that have been chosen. Include a vision for the future. Try to keep it simple and realistic.

6. Choosing the Giver of the Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation should not be made by just anyone. Must be from a party who really knows about the registrant. The person must be able to provide a comprehensive picture. Because there are several things that are included. Starting from a journey in the academic field, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The most common giver of this letter is the teacher of the registrant.

7. Sending Documents to Embassy

After everything is prepared, you can immediately send the file to the address of the Korean Embassy, ‚Äč‚Äčnamely Jalan Gatot Subroto kav. 75 Jakarta. The document must be neatly arranged in order to facilitate the work process of the selection committee. The file is divided into two parts with the following details:

  • The first envelope contains the legalized file along with a letter of recommendation and is written ORIGINAL
  • The second envelope is a photocopy of the file in three copies and is written COPY
  • The two envelopes were put together, then put into the larger envelope with the words KGSP

That’s a detailed explanation of how to get a KGSP scholarship that must be listened to. Do not miss every step so that this application can be accepted. Because this scholarship provides a full and comprehensive fee. So that you can study in Korea smoothly.

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