5 Easy Ways to Save WhatsApp Status Videos


Sometimes when you see a friend’s WhatsApp video status, you suddenly want to save it on your cellphone because the videos you upload are interesting and entertaining. No need to worry, there are many ways to save WhatsApp status videos that can be done easily. This method can be done with the help of additional applications or without using the application.

In this way, your friend’s WhatsApp video status will be easy with simple and easy steps, so that the WhatsApp status video will be saved automatically. Here’s how to save WA video status without worrying about it being lost:

1. Use File Manager

The first way to save WhatsApp status videos in the gallery is to use the File Manager on the cellphone. First, the user must open the File Manager application, then navigate to the WhatsApp folder. Later, find the media folder, then press the folder. status.

Users will be shown a row of WhatsApp status caches in the form of videos or photos. Press and switch the desired WhatsApp status. If it has been redirected, then the WhatsApp status can be detected in the gallery. No need to worry, the WhatsApp status will still be heard even though it has been more than 24 hours.

2. Save via Status Saver Application For WhatsApp

The second way so that WhatsApp video status can be saved easily can be done by using an additional application called Status Saver For WhatsApp. This 5.5 MB size application can be run easily. First, choose a status category. Then, tap the status video that you want to save.

Next, the video that has been selected, click to download and save it. Users can put it directly into the HP gallery. The application made by Winterfell Applab has received more than 10 million downloads.

3. Use the Ez File Explorer App

How to save WhatsApp status videos can then be done by detecting hidden folders. To do this, you can use the help of the Ez File Explorer application. If the application is already installed on the HP. Open the application and the user can select the menu in the upper left corner. Next, the user activates the display of hidden files.

Navigate to the internal storage, find the WhatsApp folder and tap on Media. Click the stats folder. WhatsApp status videos will be saved by selecting the desired video and holding it. When it’s done, the user can select more videos and move them to another folder. This 32 MB size application has downloaded more than 10 million users.

4. Save Via WhatsApp Status Downloader Application

An application that should not be missed to save WA video status is WhatsApp Status Downloader. Not only photos and videos that can be downloaded in this application made by Shree Ganesha Labs, but GIFs can also be downloaded easily. Then open the application. Later the user will be shown the WA status that is seen.

Then, select the desired photo or video category. Then, select the download icon so that WA videos can be downloaded and stored in the gallery. This 3.9 MB sized application has received more than 100 million downloads. Interesting right?

5. Download Status App, Sticker Saver

The next application that allows users to save video status WhatsApp is Status, Sticker Saver. If this application is already installed on the cellphone, open the application. Next, the user can select a video or photo category. Then, tap the WA video status that you want to download. The download of this application has reached 50 million downloads

Later, if the status is already open, then select the + icon located at the bottom right. Tap the Save option so that the WA video status is saved. Downloaded WA status videos can be found in the HP gallery. Interestingly, this application is equipped with a repost feature that allows users to repost the status into a WA story.

Those are 5 ways to save WhatsApp status videos that can be done easily and simply. Users can choose how to use additional applications or without using applications. In this way, WA videos can be saved in the gallery. I hope this helps!

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