5 Files That Must Be Attached in the Process of Making Dupak Guru


Dupak guru is a list of activities, especially in the learning process that have been realized by teachers as educators since the last year in which there is also a credit score.

The mechanism for proposing a list of proposed credit score determinations (Dupak) is carried out by the education in this case the school where the teacher teaches is addressed to the credit score assessment team for further issuance of the determination of the credit score (PAK).

Dupak for teachers is also important for the promotion process and class for students teacher which will automatically improve the welfare of teachers, especially those who work in remote and outermost areas in Indonesia.

The process of assessing teacher credit scores is specifically regulated in PermenPAN-RB No. 16 of 2009 and Permendikbud No. 35 of 2010, which technically regulates the process of technically drafting Dupak teachers.

Each Dupak proposal must also be accompanied by evidence in the form of physical objectives so that it is easier and can be verified by the Dupak assessment team on the realization of teacher activities over the past year, this is proof that the activities carried out by the teacher are correct and completed as their responsibility to the teachers. learners.

Appendix to Teacher’s Dupak Proposal

In proposing Dupak, each teacher is required to attach five main files that must be present and prepared by teachers in submitting credit score proposals, along with five special attachments in proposing Dupak teachers, which consist of:

  • incense
  • Statement of Implementation of Learning Tasks
  • Special statement letter regarding the implementation of sustainable professional development (PKB)
  • Statement letter carrying out activities supporting the teacher’s duties
  • The concept of determining teacher credit scores

The attachment must be known and signed directly by the principal of the school where the teacher teaches and with a wet stamp as proof that the attachment submitted has been officially and legally known.

The Process of Making Dupak Guru

In principle, the process of making Dupak gurus can be done easily, as long as they understand the technical data of employees and the number of credits listed in each element of the activities compiled in Dupak gurus.

In fact, now to make it easier for teachers to make Dupak, there is now a special Dupak application that is equipped with credit numbers for each activity, so that in this application, teachers only need to add the amount of credit in the column for each activity.

In addition, before filling out Dupak either through an application or manually, it’s a good idea to prepare all files related to the Dupak preparation process to fill in the column regarding the identity of the teacher individually, such as a staffing decree, previous year’s PAK, promotion decree or Unique Educator Number. and Education Personnel.

Elements of Assessment in Dupak Guru

There are two elements of assessment in Dupak Guru which are interrelated in terms of the weight of the assessment, namely: the main element and the supporting element. The following is the classification of each element along with the sub elements in it:

Main Element

  • Education
  • Learning
  • Specific tasks
  • Continuous Professional Development which includes all related components, namely: self-development, scientific publications and innovative works

Supporting Element

  • Diplomas that are not in accordance with the subject area being taught or taught
  • Carry out other activities as a supporter of the main task as educators
  • Receive awards related to the profession as educators.


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